~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

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Glittery coffin

When I die, I will donate my body for a university or a hospital. You know, for research purposes.

But I still want a funeral.

But instead of my body, the coffin should be filled with glitter. And that's how I will live forever.

"What if"

Some people say, the saddest phrase in this life is "what if".
What if we didn't take that chance?
What if we did take that chance but it turns out bad?
What if we loved, but lost?
What if we never loved?

Ragnar & Lagertha true love
From: We_Are_Ragnar
We'll never know. Nobody can know.

Hephaistion said: Greatness comes to those who take and never regret.
To be great, or simply to have what we want, we must be willing to lose something.
But Alexander replied: All greatness comes from loss.
In this life, it's all a mere balance of getting and letting go.

So take that chance. 
Lose that love.      Love that lost.
It's ok to lose something.
It's ok to regret something.
But don't hold on to it.
"Don't waste your time looking back.
You're not going that way."
"The world is yours. Take it."

Just won this in a lucky draw. Destiny is calling me. The Universe is sending me a sign.

Danish Hygge book - Meik Wiking

- : -

In the same event, I talked to a lady who studied in Sweden for 6 months. I asked her how is it there and she said it's too quiet especially compared to Singapore, "You will only meet another human being if you walked for miles." I don't see the problem?

Well, one person's hell is another person's heaven. It's perfect for me. Where do I sign?
If you look back and it makes you smile, 
hold on to it.
If you look back and it makes you angry, 
let go of it.

Innie Outtie

Introverts are like a closed book, which you have to open and read yourself. Some have a lock you can't open, some can't be read because it's written in different language, some can't be understood even after you read it.

Extroverts are like audio-book that has an autoplay function, which off or pause button is so hidden, it's seldom can be found.

(Yeah, yeah, that's not what introvert/extrovert mean, but that's how I see them)

"Stop trying to save the world, INFJ,
the world doesn't want to be saved."
-a veteran INFJ.

Nothing is true

I love Assassin's Creed maybe cos deep down I wish I'm part of a tight-knit brotherhood (not sisterhood cos girls bring too much drama) that I can rely on.

And deep down I want to kill some people.

While doing some awesome parkour.

Once a month, girls play the game of life in difficult mode.
If everything you do today was recorded as a message for future generations, what kind of message will you leave?
Therefore, be careful with what you write in your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram..

The Falling Star

Teringat Ksatria, Putri, dan Bintang Jatuh
Teringat ketika sang Bintang terjatuh, tersandung cinta
Teringat ketika sang ksatria lebih memilih sang putri
Tapi kini sang Bintang tak lagi jatuh, ia telah mencapai tempat tujuannya
Dan siap menjelma menjadi seorang Putri

Falling is just flying with a rough landing.

Intro to introverts

"While extroverts tend to get bored easily when they don't have enough to do, introverts have the opposite problem: they get easily distracted and overwhelmed in environments with an excess of stimulation."

15 Things That Introverts Would Never Tell You

Sickening humanity

Abraham Lincoln quote

People earn what they earn.

Many people complain they don't have the life they want. But when asked what exactly they want, they don't know.
When asked to work on what they want, they don't want to.
When shown the great people who actually work for to build a dream, they laugh.
They sneer, they grab a feet, throw fires.

People forget, great things might fall so quick but they weren't built overnight.

Do you?

Yoda-Anakin Skywalker respect
When two persons you respect disrespecting each other,
do you stop respecting either one?
After I let the thought brew for a few days, it seems to me that you can't help it: You will (involuntarily) stop respecting one of them because there will be one of them that you respect more.

They don't even have to disrespect each other; the doubt can come even when only one of them dislike the other one. In this case, I think you would start disrespecting the person who shows dislike the first.
For example, we respect both Yoda and Anakin, but when Anakin start disrespecting Yoda, of course the natural thing that would happen is we lose our respect to Anakin.
That is just a gist, the fact is definitely a lot more complicated than that.

The Thinker

The Thinker thinks

The feeling worse than seeing your archenemy living her dream is probably seeing her living your dream.

I don't remember how to spell archenemy doesn't mean I don't remember hating you.


"Oh" is one of the most versatile words in human language.

When you're too shocked to say anything.
When you're moved by a touching story.
When you don't care enough to say anything else.
When you have nothing nice to say.
When 'ok' is not short enough.
"Oh" comes in just fine.
"Every thought you have seeps into your blood."

"Is it a lie when you never ask for the truth?"
-Confused me.

Understanding understand

The difference between hearing and listening; between watching and seeing; between experiencing and learning; is the understanding.

I've been feeling angry (again) lately. About the things I cannot have and I cannot have. Understand? Things I don't have the capability to have and things I am not allowed to have.

There are things I want that I can't get yet.
There are things I want I know I have the ability to have but somehow still don't have.
There are things I want that I know I will never have.
There are things I chose not to have but I want it now.

My brother said, wisdom is when you understand. And when you understand, you're wise, you won't be angry. So you have to learn to understand what you don't understand yet.
 But how do you know you don't know what you don't know?
Do we even understand the word 'understand'?
Confuse yet? Well, let it sinks. UNDERSTAND IT.

All the angers rooted from wants; is that even healthy? Perhaps I should just go and live like the Kalahari bushmen. Seems peaceful enough.

In another note..

First, God is both able and willing, it's people's stupidity that's always gets in the way.
Second, atheists are supposed to not believe in God, so why are we discussing this? Atheists, please understand yourselves. Decide, whether you're an atheist or an agnostic?
The first time is the floodgate.
It's so sad that most girls these days think engagement is only about a diamond ring.