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Jared is Jared

Jared Leto's insanity

30 Seconds to Mars - "City of Angels"

If I can just have one-tenth of his singing talent..

There was truth, there was consequence, against you.
A weak defense, then there's me.
I'm 17, and looking for a fight.
All my life, I was never there just a ghost, running scared.

Not loving their first hit of the latest album Up in the Air, this song might restore my love for 30 Seconds to Mars. I'm loving the acoustic version, still undecided about the original.

30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane + Alibi (live acoustic piano) 19/03/2010 in Vienna

A call to arms..

Soundtrack of the day: A Call to Arms by 30 Seconds to Mars

This is a call to arms, gather soldiers
Time to go to war
This is a battle song, brothers and sisters
Time to go to war

For one, I've finally decided which song from 30 Seconds to Mars is my first favorite. Despite of everything that I've said about their new album, 30 Seconds to Mars is still inspiring for me. I guess that's what it is with good stuffs, you have to savour them first to be able to truly enjoy them ;)

Did you ever believe?
Were you ever a dreamer?
Ever imagine heart open and free?
Did you ever deny? Were you ever a traitor?
Ever in love with your bloodless business?

Yup, inspiring me. In this dull life, in an even duller world. With the dullest people. Don't get me wrong, I have few great friends, the wisest people you'll ever meet. But compare to others that surrounding me, they are so few and so far.

I've always been a depressed girl by nature. But lately, it's all coming back to me. Like reading too much Ecclesiastes. Feel sick of everything. Where's the promise of "your tears will dry, you'll soon be free to fly"^? It doesn't exist. Just a well-worn dream.

You do this, do that, this, that, this, back again. Like a cassette being played once too often. Thinking those things will make life easier, yourself likable, your dreams one step closer. But nuh-uh. You only one step closer to the end of your life, or the end of the world, or whichever is closer.
And, bad news, things will only get worse the further you go from the time you were born.

Ever want to be free?
Do you even remember?
Want to be God, the Devil like me?
Ever want to just stop? Do you want to surrender?
Or fight for victory?

Good questions. Everyone wants to be free. But few remember.
Look around. No need to be too far. Look at the mirror. Do you feel bitter inside? Lonely? Unloved? Why?
I know few of my friends that have blogs. Most of the content of their blogs are about disappointment, bitterness, anger, hatred. Why?
Because few remember. Of their dreams. Of their purposes in life. Of their motivation. Of the answer of what should they fight for.
But how should we remember, when this life force us to only remember about one thing: MONEY? Gosh, I can go on and on about that.

Darkness falls, but here comes the rain
To wash away the past and the names
Darkness falls, here comes the rain
To end it all, the blood and the game

But everything has an end, right? Based on some beliefs, the world will come to an end. The old will pass, the new comes. Tears, pain, sadness will be wiped away.
Well, bad news again, though, it's only for few chosen ones.

Far, far away in a land that time can't change
Long, long ago in a place of hearts and gold
Far, far away in a land that time can't change
Long, long ago in a place of hearts and gold

Lesson to learn (for myself too): keep fighting. The battle isn't over yet.
If you think you're at the bottom of the pit, take heart, because when you're at the bottom of the pit, there's only one way left to go: UP.

This is a call to arms... brothers and sisters

'The War' is here..

Much anticipated (for Echelon, at least) 30 Seconds to Mars' album is finally unveiled. As you might have heard, it's called 'This Is War'.It's quite a sensitive title, I'd say. With so many wars going on, people might get it all wrong.

So Jared tweeted (yes, he tweets and yes, I'm a follower) a review on it. Of course, it's a good review that he posted. But, let's face the truth: it's not their best album.
Well, they have only three albums so far, so they still have many chances.
You can have a peek of the songs here.

Their first single, Kings and Queens, is fine. But why am I always reminded of Iris everytime I hear it?
Long intro in Escape.. too Metallica. Even the title is from one of Metallica's songs. A tribute for the legendary metal band?
What's with 100 boys singing in 100 Suns? It might give a nice effect in The Kill, but sorry Jared, the magic wears off.
What's with the Westlife-y songs like Alibi (100 Suns too, actually)?
And what's with the album's cover, really?

Where's the soul of 30 Seconds to Mars that once lived in Fortification, Anarchy in Tokyo, Buddha for Mary, even From Yesterday?
It's beating only half-alive through Vox Populi and Stranger in A Strange Land. Their lyrics never fail, though. Love especially Stranger in A Strange Land.

"I'm a ghost, you're an angel."

Well, I'm not a musician, really, so can't really comment on their music. At least they don't start singing about love and broken-hearts. If they do, that'd be the last day I'm an Echelon.
Soundtrack of the day: Fallen by 30 Seconds to Mars

*Sigh* May I emphasize the lyric?

"All the pretty people die. Innocence is out of style...
Now there nothing left for me.."

Tomo's tattoo

Tomo Milicevic tattoo
Per Aspera Et Astra - Through hardships to the stars.

I received a newsletter from the official 30 Seconds to Mars' site today (you see, as a devoted fan, it's a must that I'm listed in their newsletter). The announcement was that they're selling this yearbook, and if you pre-order it, you'll get to published yourself in the book. Guess how much the book is?
US$60!! What an exaction!

Anyway, speaking of 30 Seconds to Mars, it reminds me of Jared's coming to Genting. I decided not to go, as much as I want to see him. What's the point? I'll be seeing him there, but he wouldn't even notice me. I see him, he doesn't see me: I can always do that via YouTube.
I'll just wait till I've become a reporter and go interview him. Then I'll get to talk to him face to face, mwhahaha...
For the time being, I better spend my time (on 2nd of August, I mean) go working. Then I'll get some $$$$ *lol*
I cannot believe Jared didn't win! *is throwing tantrums* And harder to believe, he didn't win from Frank Iero!
>Official PETA news<

But *ahem* anyway, enough about Jared Leto, let's talk about ME :D

Well, I had a speaking test today. And, I really hate it to talk so long (five minutes, actually) in front of so many people. But, my, aren't I surprise that it all went well :)
Of course, NOT astonishing or anything. But I didn't toss my notes or stumble on my way to the front, that's good enough.
Anyway, there's another notable thing that happened today. I accidentally saw this video about "Oprah's church" on YouTube:

May I note first, I really don't like the title using the word "exposed." Feels like it was accusing the New Earth belief as some kind of crime or something.
It is a shocking new lesson, of course, but it is bad enough to claim that "We are the only truth." Moreover to say that "We are the only truth, and you are all wrong."
I just want to comment something about what Oprah had said starting around 4:10 : Why don't we put it this way, that God is so love us, that He jealous? Like, if you love someone so much, no matter how open-minded you are, at some point, you WILL jealous if s/he started to like someone else. Right? Don't you dare to say no.

And, in 4:28... Oprah, God is not jealous OF you. God is jealous BECAUSE OF you.
Well, of course, I'm not in the position to correct her. My first language isn't English, and I'm not the one who's been hosting a talk show for the last 23 years (geez, I haven't even born by the time she started the show).

5:20 How can you learn from a so-called teacher who doesn't even know where he's going when he's dead? And very curious that the video is cut out to another scene before he finish his answer....
5:34 How can you feel when you don't believe?
Okay, this one is a bit more personal. In minutes 4:45, Oprah said "...the search of something more than doctrine."
It always take me by surprise how everyone outside Christianity (sometimes even turned-Christians) say to me, "How can you worship a God which is indoctrinated to you since childhood?" Well, if you said that to me when I was 10, I probably speechless. But, hello?! I'm more than 2 decades of age right now, don't you think I have questioned God myself? Don't you think I've searched of "the other answers/ways" myself?
Well, I have. And I have yet to find a better truer God than Jesus Christ.

But anyway, all in all, I can only agree with the narrator:
Christians! It's time to open your eyes, shut down your TV, and pray!

May I write my Christmas wish earlier?

Guess what! MTV Asia Award is going to be held in Genting, Malaysia this year. The exact date of the event is on August 2nd.
Buutt.. That is not the big news. The big news is.... *takes a deep breath* guess who's going to host it?

JARED LETO! Yes, Jared Leto as the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto as Jared who played in Lord of War and Alexander!

> See the news here! <

OH. MY. GOD! *shudder* I really want to go.
But it won't be fun if I go alone. I have to look for friend(s) who live in Singapore and/or Malaysia AND is/are
30 Seconds to Mars' fan(s).
Or, if the circumstance is depressing, I have to force at least one of my friends to be 30 Seconds to Mars' fan and force him/her accompany me to the Awards... *lol*
Oh, wow, I never notice before, I barely found out that there are quiet a few fans of 30 Seconds to Mars right here, in Blogger.

There's EchelonMoonShadow, MilkKody.

₪ Ø
lll 'o.

Tomo left alone!

The interviewer looked a bit worry (or is it depressed? *lol*) because of Jared. Was he going to toilet or something? I think he was...in a dramatic way.

-A Beautiful Lie-

Jared speaks Russian in Lord of War


And here he is saying random Russian sentence: 

Translation: Why the fuck does an ass need an accordeon? Why are you standing like an oak?

Sol Goode - Jared Leto

I bet many people haven't seen this one. Yes, it's Jared Leto on 0:21, as a rockstar wannabe. He's so freaking funny. He's still cute even as a dork. Oh.. don't we just love his acting?

30STM- "Edge of The Earth" on The Late Late Show

So we all know that 30 Seconds to Mars always did a marvelous live shows. But this one is one of my favourites:  Edge of the Earth @The Late Late Show!

N.B.: Check out Jared's guitar --it's the Pythagoras!

30 Seconds to Mars on Boogie TV (part 1)


I just love this music video; the effect is awesome, Jared's voice is fantastic, not to mention the song itself is powerful! But one thing that bothers me from the start: Is that Jared kissing the girl @ 1:51?

Keepers of faith..

Jared Leto quote
Are you a believer?