~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

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Image of God

"...if man is made in the image of his god, and man is a corrupt entity
- wouldn’t it stand to reason that god is a corrupt entity?"

Jika manusia diciptakan menurut rupa tuhan, dan manusia adalah sebuah wujud yang curang
- bukankah sebuah argument yang benar untuk mengatakan bahwa tuhan adalah sebuah wujud yang curang?

"I spend so much time praying, I have awkward silences with God."
- Olive Snook

Olive Snook Pushing Daisies


Noah movie posterJust watched the movie Noah yesterday.
If you haven't heard, the movie is banned in a number of countries due to various controversies. And it merely gets 6.4 in IMDB.

I think it's not fair.

Just like any other movie that's created from a book, naturally the book readers will scrutinise it. As a book reader myself, I hate it that Noah doesn't follow the original story. But what original story is there? Just a really short story about a guy that built a ship on a hill and brought a bunch of animals with him to save them from a big flood. Aronofsky tries to tell the story in deeper details, bringing up the characters through emotions we can relate. But people, sadly some of them are the compassionate Christians, do not understand his efforts.

But I understand Darren Aronofsky.

His movies are like onion; each of them has so many layers that we have to peel them step by step.

From Requiem for A Dream, Pi, The Fountain, to Black Swan, people must look past the surface to understand the core of the stories. Every time I watch his movies, I see and feel something new. I understand what he's always trying to say through his movies. Love is not always easy, faith is even more difficult. Life is, most of the time, dark.

While I'm still upset with many details he adds in (um, do we always have to have villains?), I'm at awe with the details he presents that we never saw (or choose to ignore) before in the story.

The struggle of a man acting on faith alone, when noone else -even at time, his family- agree with him. How does it feel to be the only man in the whole world that knows exactly what disaster is coming?
The emotional journey of a wife supporting her husband's questionable decisions. A mother's worry for her children when there's nothing to expect for the future.
Children's frustration when the optimism of their youth is not met with equally bright future.

Regardless of the ridiculous epicness of the movie that is not necessary, I'd still recommend this movie to any one. Regardsless its inconsistency in accordance to the original book, I still respect the movie-making skills and how it captures the essence of the story. And that is all that matters, really, understanding the message behind the story.

Noah's family
It's not a dream when you are not ready to die for it.
"Maybe that is why as a little kid in Sunday school I learned that God didn't want false gods or idols.

I thought it was terribly selfish of God as a child but I think I get it now...

He knew we wouldn't be able to handle the pressure, the shame, the glory, or the power the spotlight brings."

"Where is your God?"

And so today was the big reveal. And so, this blog's gonna be long.
Thirty Seconds to Mars has just launched their newest music video for the song 'Hurricane'. Jared has said that it's going to be sexual, but I never imagined it'd be THAT sexual. G-string, check. Handcuff and blindfold, check. Bunny costume, check. Full bondage, check. Drag queen, check. He even taught the fans (the innocents) a brand new word: the Gimp.

Cinematography-wise, it's nicely done and very artistic. The opening scene of the city night with thunders, Shannon riding his bike. Then a knock on the door. Then opened by the mini song 'Escape'. Immediately you have the flight-or-fight reaction. It's better than any horror movies I've seen lately. Then there's a lot of slow-motion moments a la 'A Beautiful Lie'. The sound editing is also nice, with the switching between the silence of the night and everything else that's going on. They should release this in blu-ray.

Personally, I love the video. People might say it's too sexual, too vulgar. But come on, let's not be hypocrites. For those who have experienced sex, we think about it. Some just sometimes, some more often. Sure, there'd be the young ones that might see. However, rather than let them learn through sneaky-sneaky way, I'd rather them to see it out in the open and that way they can just ask questions directly. It's also a lesson for everyone else. For those who do not know and realize that these things are happening all around us. Open your eyes.

Well, you might call me bias. Whatever, I worship Jared Leto. He's brilliant. He's like Leonardo daVinci of 21st century (ok, a bit of exaggeration there), he has this seemingly abstract thinking but but when you look at it, it's a deep one and actually makes sense.
Take the video for example. For many people, the video is what my boyfriend sees as: "Jared Leto half naked and looking for his shirt the whole 13 minutes video." (Yes, the video is 13 minutes long. It's a short movie). But guys, open your eyes.

The sexual issues, technical discussion, and personal rants aside, there's something more to the video. It's what Jared had always asked the Echelon to find. The Argus Apocraphex. From this point on, I'll be talking in terms that only 30StM fans understand. So, everyone else.. apologies..

Watching the video, I kept thinking, 'Do you have to make it so obvious, Jared?'. Even right from the start, the sign was there:
Then there's sacred three: birth, life, death. The keys, attached to red ribbons. Four Tomos and three Shannons - multiple personalities? Religious leaders burning their books of faith. Twins/mirrored image - dualism. Symbols written on walls and roads. Robotic children. Goat-like gimp.
Oh, Terry Richardson --a dead give a way. I don't like that guy, btw.
Everything was done in split second. Smart, Jared. Talking about subliminal messages.

Yeah, alright, we get what you're trying to say. I even looked for the black-and-white checkered floor, but it's not there.
But the next question is, are you with them or are you against them?
I'm waiting for your next videos.. your next codes, Mr. Cubbins.

Deep in the dead darkness.
Long i stood there.
Wondering.. fearing.. doubting..
Dreamings dreams no more elaborate than i dare to dream before.

Who am I?

Who am I? That the Lord of all the earth, would care to know my name, would care to feel my hurt.
Who am I? That the bright and morning star, would choose to light the way, for my ever wandering heart.
Bridge: Not because of who I am, but because of what you've done. Not because of what I've done, but because of who you are.
Chorus: I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow. A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind. Still you hear me when I'm calling. Lord, you catch me when I'm falling, and you've told me who I am.
I am yours. I am yours.
Who am I? That the eyes that see my sin would look on me with love and watch me rise again.
Who am I? That the voice that calmed the sea, would call out through the rain, and calm the storm in me.
Whom shall I fear? Whom shall I fear? I am yours.. I am yours..

'Oly ceet..

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you,
for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."
Matthew 7:12

I'm not sure how to start this post... This one is going to be a sensitive topic. But I know I have to -need to- address it.
So, how many of you are atheist? Hands up?
How many of you despise the so-called religious people? Hands up?

And, how many of you are the people who believe in God? Particularly, Christ?
Right now, I'm surrounded by few so-called devout (fanatic, I call it) Catholics and Christians. I'm trying to recall what did Jesus say about connecting with people around us... be humble.. love you enemy.. serve others...
Although I'm not an expert in the Bible, as long as I can remember, Jesus always taught us to put others before ourselves. Be it about happiness or needs, ALWAYS think about others first. It's a different cases that I see and experience these days..

Let's go in details.
One friend of mine is a fanatic Catholic (pardon me I have to mention the religion). She talks about God, sing gospel loudly everywhere, talks about church activities, etc, etc.
But all that she ever talk about is herself: how she grew up, what she likes, her "talent", her, her, her. And the language she uses --I just can't stand it *pull hair*, rough language and sometimes, cursing words. And one particular thing that I hate, she's parodying to everyone whenever she's fasting. Really, should we advertise it as well in newspaper?

Then there's the other one, this one is a Christian. And this one is slightly worse, she bothers me much (that's why I mentioned her, otherwise, who cares..).
She lets everyone know she's a Christian by telling people how God bless her with this and that. But then, she isn't genuinely grateful for things she has. She complains A LOT; she thinks that she is the victim of life and that this universe is and should be orbiting around her. Seriously, lady, what was the ultimate thing that Jesus taught us? SACRIFICE. And be silent about it.

Did He complain when He had to come down to earth?
"To earth?! Father, you must be kidding me. Fine, fine! I'll go down. See how big-hearted I am, going down to that filthy earth to socialize with those filthy humans. Ew!"
And when He's resurrected...
"Geez, that was hurt! Now everyone, YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER WHAT I'VE DONE TO YOU OR ELSE!"
Then, 2000 years later...
*coming to many random people* "Human, Jesus here. You know what have I done for you? YOU DON'T?! Your parents didn't tell you about it?! It was troublesome and tedious, you know.
How could they did not tell you about my sacrifice!"

Errr, no, I don't think Jesus said that or would He ever do..
Now, if only we can just forget about religion and the symbolic things (go to church, fasting, confession, etc) and start to imitate Jesus: His humility, His compassion, His LOVE.
Life will be much easier for ourselves and for others..

The Fiery Star....

And so I have done reading Mars/Earth Enigma (aren't I proud to have finished it). There are many interesting facts -and opinions- I never knew before. But I must say that Emerson (the writer) is too subjective in writing the book. There are many times she mentioned "as evidence strongly indicate," or "according to vast amount of evidence," but it's never exactly mentioned which evidences. If it's too long to list them, at least a reference at the end of the book should be given.
Emerson also drifting away a little too often from the book's topic. Talking about Nazi's conspiracy theory, linking it with Rome church and the ancient religion of goddess worshiping society.

But anyway, let's go back a bit to the Bible statement. I went to ask quote Biblical site unquote regarding the question, and guess what, YES, it is said in the Bible that God created earthS. For example, Hebrews 1:2 in the original language, or certain translations, the word is plural.
The list of the statement: Job 1:6-7; Eph. 3:10; Heb. 1:2; Heb. 11:3; Rev. 12:12.
Now, I never learn and never know the original language of the Bible, be it Hebrew or Greek, therefore I can't assure the truth. To believe or not to believe is completely your decision. I'll try to do more research on them, but won't be anytime soon.

These verses in the Bible, along the story of King Solomon, also indirectly used by Emerson to support her hypothesis of existence on Mars and other planets. But, as when you take reference from other books, it's unfair if you just pick up a sentence or two without letting the readers know what the whole passage is about. The sentence could sound supportive to your argument, but when you read the whole passage, it could have nothing whatsoever to do with the theme of your argument.

Anyway, in conclusion, if you really really are curious about Mars enigma AND have plenty of time in your hand AND don't mind a confusing language structure of a book, then you should pick up Mars/Earth Enigma. Otherwise, you might want to find another book on the topic.
I cannot believe Jared didn't win! *is throwing tantrums* And harder to believe, he didn't win from Frank Iero!
>Official PETA news<

But *ahem* anyway, enough about Jared Leto, let's talk about ME :D

Well, I had a speaking test today. And, I really hate it to talk so long (five minutes, actually) in front of so many people. But, my, aren't I surprise that it all went well :)
Of course, NOT astonishing or anything. But I didn't toss my notes or stumble on my way to the front, that's good enough.
Anyway, there's another notable thing that happened today. I accidentally saw this video about "Oprah's church" on YouTube:

May I note first, I really don't like the title using the word "exposed." Feels like it was accusing the New Earth belief as some kind of crime or something.
It is a shocking new lesson, of course, but it is bad enough to claim that "We are the only truth." Moreover to say that "We are the only truth, and you are all wrong."
I just want to comment something about what Oprah had said starting around 4:10 : Why don't we put it this way, that God is so love us, that He jealous? Like, if you love someone so much, no matter how open-minded you are, at some point, you WILL jealous if s/he started to like someone else. Right? Don't you dare to say no.

And, in 4:28... Oprah, God is not jealous OF you. God is jealous BECAUSE OF you.
Well, of course, I'm not in the position to correct her. My first language isn't English, and I'm not the one who's been hosting a talk show for the last 23 years (geez, I haven't even born by the time she started the show).

5:20 How can you learn from a so-called teacher who doesn't even know where he's going when he's dead? And very curious that the video is cut out to another scene before he finish his answer....
5:34 How can you feel when you don't believe?
Okay, this one is a bit more personal. In minutes 4:45, Oprah said "...the search of something more than doctrine."
It always take me by surprise how everyone outside Christianity (sometimes even turned-Christians) say to me, "How can you worship a God which is indoctrinated to you since childhood?" Well, if you said that to me when I was 10, I probably speechless. But, hello?! I'm more than 2 decades of age right now, don't you think I have questioned God myself? Don't you think I've searched of "the other answers/ways" myself?
Well, I have. And I have yet to find a better truer God than Jesus Christ.

But anyway, all in all, I can only agree with the narrator:
Christians! It's time to open your eyes, shut down your TV, and pray!

There is no God? --Evolution my foot

Last night I was surfing youtube.com when I came across this video --a video trying to prove that God does not exist. Without doubt, there are a lot of comments on this video. Comments from people who support that 'there is no God' and people who opposing the idea. And of course, I don't want to be left out, so I left a comment which says: "hm...If God doesnt exist, then WHO created us?". And some guy answer: "evaberlin, you need to learn more about evolution". I almost laugh to dead reading that answer. No offence, I was just thinking, even IF the evolution ever did happen, then who the hell in this universe created the "first-ever" particle/substance/atom/whatever?

This whole God-does-not-exist thing reminds me a debate which took place in my class when I was in my last year in Senior High School. We were talking about evolution in the Biology class. Then me and my friends [8 people out of 40 in that class] were thinking "this isn't right", so we declared: we are disagree. Instantly, the class were divided into two sides, those who support evolution and those who do not. 8 against 32 [when the teacher ask who will be on 'no-evolution' side, nobody moves a hair].So the long debate was begun. There were debate from science side and religion side. I’ll just tell you the talk over religion side [because if I tell you the science side, I’ll able to write a novel].

So, let’s put it this way, there is NO God. The universe was blank [Imagine a dark empty room] No air, no light, no gasses, nothing. Suddenly, out of nowhere *puff* some certain of gas was pop out. Nobody made it, it self made [hey, there was NO God] that means it’s great, so the gas started multiply itself to oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, e t c.
So after I don’t know how many million years, the gasses have become solid and created something called rocks, which have become planets. And one planet -somehow- became so hot it burns. Other -somehow- have ring. Other -somehow- became red. Others -somehow- reflect the light from that burning planet. And one...-somehow- became so cool, that it makes it possible for living things to live in it [later, when we already evolute to intellegent animals, we called it earth]. But it was too cold, so somehow, the earth reduced its temperature [*yawn* oh let’s just fast forward it].

Through many trials and tribulations, the earth's climate was then perfect. So those great gasses fused together resulting something alive --*drum roll* the ancestor of everything. It breathed, it ate, then somehow it grew to something bigger. Some of these things lived in the water, some lived on the land. Some become fish which later will become flying animal [or birds, if you want to call it]. Then, some became the ancestor of monkeys and human. What bothers me a lot is, if that ancestor can evolute to monkeys AND human, why not the ancestor of horse evolute to horse AND human-horse who -like human- could've been able to build cities, learn math, then together with us arguing about evolution and God? Oh no, wait, is that why there's something called centaur...?

Well, anyway, that’s it. So, “evolution” makes sense? ... *laugh to dead*

"I have two fathers..."

"I live with my godfather. Nothing special about him. He's just like any other fathers. Sometimes, he even treat me bad.
But I don't care. I have a real father, who loves me so much, and gives me everything I want [good things of couse]. My real father lives far away from me. We have never meet each other since a long time ago. But we talk sometimes. The sad thing is, he seems to be very busy lately. I call him many times everyday, but he didn't answer. Well, not yet. I'm sure he will call me soon.

My real father has promised me one thing: One day, he will come and take me home. My real home, home where I live so many years ago, where there is no tears and pain. I wish I can go there soon. To the home where I can live with my real father.

P.S.: Father, I miss you. Call me soon, would you?"