~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

"Where is your God?"

And so today was the big reveal. And so, this blog's gonna be long.
Thirty Seconds to Mars has just launched their newest music video for the song 'Hurricane'. Jared has said that it's going to be sexual, but I never imagined it'd be THAT sexual. G-string, check. Handcuff and blindfold, check. Bunny costume, check. Full bondage, check. Drag queen, check. He even taught the fans (the innocents) a brand new word: the Gimp.

Cinematography-wise, it's nicely done and very artistic. The opening scene of the city night with thunders, Shannon riding his bike. Then a knock on the door. Then opened by the mini song 'Escape'. Immediately you have the flight-or-fight reaction. It's better than any horror movies I've seen lately. Then there's a lot of slow-motion moments a la 'A Beautiful Lie'. The sound editing is also nice, with the switching between the silence of the night and everything else that's going on. They should release this in blu-ray.

Personally, I love the video. People might say it's too sexual, too vulgar. But come on, let's not be hypocrites. For those who have experienced sex, we think about it. Some just sometimes, some more often. Sure, there'd be the young ones that might see. However, rather than let them learn through sneaky-sneaky way, I'd rather them to see it out in the open and that way they can just ask questions directly. It's also a lesson for everyone else. For those who do not know and realize that these things are happening all around us. Open your eyes.

Well, you might call me bias. Whatever, I worship Jared Leto. He's brilliant. He's like Leonardo daVinci of 21st century (ok, a bit of exaggeration there), he has this seemingly abstract thinking but but when you look at it, it's a deep one and actually makes sense.
Take the video for example. For many people, the video is what my boyfriend sees as: "Jared Leto half naked and looking for his shirt the whole 13 minutes video." (Yes, the video is 13 minutes long. It's a short movie). But guys, open your eyes.

The sexual issues, technical discussion, and personal rants aside, there's something more to the video. It's what Jared had always asked the Echelon to find. The Argus Apocraphex. From this point on, I'll be talking in terms that only 30StM fans understand. So, everyone else.. apologies..

Watching the video, I kept thinking, 'Do you have to make it so obvious, Jared?'. Even right from the start, the sign was there:
Then there's sacred three: birth, life, death. The keys, attached to red ribbons. Four Tomos and three Shannons - multiple personalities? Religious leaders burning their books of faith. Twins/mirrored image - dualism. Symbols written on walls and roads. Robotic children. Goat-like gimp.
Oh, Terry Richardson --a dead give a way. I don't like that guy, btw.
Everything was done in split second. Smart, Jared. Talking about subliminal messages.

Yeah, alright, we get what you're trying to say. I even looked for the black-and-white checkered floor, but it's not there.
But the next question is, are you with them or are you against them?
I'm waiting for your next videos.. your next codes, Mr. Cubbins.

Deep in the dead darkness.
Long i stood there.
Wondering.. fearing.. doubting..
Dreamings dreams no more elaborate than i dare to dream before.


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