~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

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Is IT next week already?
Can't believe it. Don't want to be. Just wanna stay this way.
I don't ask for sweet 17th always. Just this way. Can I?

The truth about the Goat and the Archer...

Just found something really interesting... It hits the nail in the head *ouch*

"Most of the time, when a Sagittarian friend, lover, mate, child, relative or business associate shoots a barbed observation of painful truth toward Capricorn, the Goat simply shrugs. "So nu?" remarks Capricorn. It's not easy to shake these people. Nevertheless, Sag should take it easy. Too many carefree remarks, and the Goat will slap down the Archer with Saturn's own brand of heavy observations of truth, which could cause the happy-go-lucky Sag to brood in a corner for months. Saturn-ruled Capricorns are excellent instructors of necessary lessons to the impulsive and outspoken of this world."

Don't know whether I should be glad (for the balance) or sad about it (_ _!)
Another one:

"When all's said and done, Sag is optimistic, Capricorn is pessimistic. Sagittarian optimism troubles the careful Goat. Capricorn pessimism depresses the Archer's soaring spirit. "

What, in all the zodiac personality analysis, can be truer than that? Believe me, NONE.

The Bottom Line

Your quiet little romance is going to get a lot of attention soon. Are you ready?

In Detail

You can't keep a good secret right now -- your quiet little romance is going to get a lot of attention very soon. Are you ready for the scrutiny? Suddenly everyone wants to know what's going on between the two of you, what's next and where this thing is going -- and you might not even know the answers! Feel free to take a step back and protect your privacy. Your life is no one's business but your own. Friends won't be put off if you clam up --they will understand.

22 Dec 2008

The Bottom Line

Your sparkling charm can help you connect with a shy or introverted person today.

In Detail

Your sparkling charm can work wonders today -- it can transform a blue friend into a sunny and happy friend, help you connect with a shy or introverted person, and even tame a blustering bully. You turn them into a tame kitty cat! All you have to do is flash a smile and toss a compliment someone's way and the magic will begin! This is a great time in your life to expand your social circle and try to connect with the people you normally would not think of approaching.
It may feel as if the party is over, but the Sun's last day in your sign could stimulate a burst of willful energy. You might wonder how you became so enthusiastic about an idea that wasn't all that important to you at first. But your involvement grew, as did the vision. Now you must face the necessity of radically rethinking your entire life. It's up to you to reinvent your dream and then do your best to live it.

Happy freaking birthday to me

Of course -I got a feeling- this year's birthday not as half as miserable as yesteryear's, but I don't know why I've been feeling moody these few days. I had a tiff with my longest best friend few days back. And since some days ago, people -PEOPLE- have been texting me with "happy advance birthday". I was like "what the...." But of course, for the sake of courtesy, I just said thank you, thank you for remembering anyway (I mean, what else could I ask of? What more do I deserve?).

The only thing (okay, not really THE ONLY) that cheer me up, is Christina Aguilera. That's right, the girl's back with a new album! Well, a greatest hits album, actually. But there are four new songs (or more like songs-sequel), and they are awesome! She still knows who she is, and proud of it!
The transformation between Hollywood Glam to Futuristic Babe is just cute.

For those who keeps saying Christina is a talentless bitch, HELLO? WAKE UP! Learn some music first! Then listen to Paris Hilton. And you can decide what a talentless bitch sounds like. Everybody agrees that Christina Aguilera is a precious jewel in music industry. Watch this and tell me if Britney, or even Miley Cyrus *roll eyes* able to deliver such live performance. Christina does no lip-sync, she'll let you know if she does, which only happen when she dances cos she's not a dancer, she's a musician.

Anyway, it's just great to listen to Christina songs and be reminded: "You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down."

There's some women out there who talk and stare
Who never seem to let down their hair
Like to past judgement, but they're just scared
Shut up I don't care what you say.
Some days I'm a super bitch, next day I'm your super girl.

So yeah, I'm going to continue this post in few hours. See if there's any change in my day...

14 Oct 2008

The Bottom Line
Disengage from people who exhibit childlike behavior. They will only slow you down.

In Detail
Trying to figure out what is motivating other people is a waste of your time, so if you have been wringing your hands over a mysterious situation, stop. If someone isn't going to tell you what you need to know, they aren't going to tell you --no matter how long you wait or how many hoops you jump through. Move on today, and disengage from such childlike behavior. They have been having too much fun stringing you along, and you're no puppet. Too bad for them.
Check out my Friendster horoscope for today:
"Make sure you are realistic about today -- you must balance your optimism with caution, and not believe everything you see right away. Be a little bit more skeptical and don't shy away from questioning authority. This is not a time to take anything for granted -- while you want to think the best of people, sometimes it's just not smart. There is too much duality in the air, and too many people who are just saying what they think you want to hear."

It's eerily correct. I have just thought about how everyone deserves a second chance. I've always believed that everyone can change (we obviously know that people DO change). But that thought only cause me to question my own intelligence. And perhaps also cause some people to question my loyalty.

Now, that's one of the things I learn from Alexander (the Great, honey). When we decide to trust someone, trust him/her completely. Let it be difficult for you to doubt someone you've trusted. Which is why it's difficult for me to trust anyone, but once I trust him/her, it'd take so much to quiver the trust. But how disappointing (I foolishly hope too much) that not many people share the same sentiment. They easily doubt their own close friends. They, who think too much. They, who always think of or make up some twisted imagination in their heads.
Soundtrack of the day: White Flag by Dido (in a happy context, please)

Listen to this, this is my horoscope of the day from Friendster:
You're never more happy than when you're needed -- you should be very happy, today!

It's always surprising how the horoscope can SOMETIMES really point out what's going to happen to day. Well, of course, the rest of this horoscope is not as precise as it should be. The later explanation of why I should be happy is completely wrong.. But anyway, what I'm trying to say is, YES, I AM SO VERY HAPPY TODAY! I've told you that these are happiest days in my life, but today, I have particular reasons to be happy; I'm not going to elaborate on them, though :p

Anyway, move on to another topic: After much reminiscing (and few cups of coffee) in the last 25 hours, I've come up with the "insanest" theory:
The problem in this Life is not about it's being fair or unfair, but rather, the problem is us being jealous. Yes, jealousy.When you think that your friend get higher mark than you, and you deserve whole lot better than you get, you think that life is unfair. Well, probably you're just jealous.
When the cute guy over there is paying more attention to the annoying b!#ch across than nice sweety girl over here. And you think life is unfair. Well, guess what, it's probably just jealousy.

Don't you agree?

It's not a bad thing, though.
I've come to believe that jealousy is there to balance our ego, so that we always remember that we're not that great, that there are many other people better, nicer, richer, prettier, etc, than you are.
We can also use it for a better purpose. Ambitious as it may sound, we can use jealousy (with hatred, if you must) as a driving force to reach something you want. Believe me, it works so well..