~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

I have a tweenage sister (TS) who told me before that she liked Justin Bieber. I almost cut off ties with her, except I still need her to get me water once in a while.
THEN my brother introduced her Taylor Swift. NOT the first few albums, but the "Look What Made Me Do" Taylor Swift. I almost cut ties with him, except we never meet anyway since he lives in Bangkok.

But this week, when I was home my TS asked me:

TS: Do you know Imagine Dragons?
Me: Yeah, I'm a big fan. Why?
TS: I like their new song *played "Believer" on her mobile phone*
Me: Oooh... my baby sister...


Alexander the Great

-Alexander the Great
Glittery coffin

When I die, I will donate my body for a university or a hospital. You know, for research purposes.

But I still want a funeral.

But instead of my body, the coffin should be filled with glitter. And that's how I will live forever.

"What if"

Some people say, the saddest phrase in this life is "what if".
What if we didn't take that chance?
What if we did take that chance but it turns out bad?
What if we loved, but lost?
What if we never loved?

Ragnar & Lagertha true love
From: We_Are_Ragnar
We'll never know. Nobody can know.

Hephaistion said: Greatness comes to those who take and never regret.
To be great, or simply to have what we want, we must be willing to lose something.
But Alexander replied: All greatness comes from loss.
In this life, it's all a mere balance of getting and letting go.

So take that chance. 
Lose that love.      Love that lost.
It's ok to lose something.
It's ok to regret something.
But don't hold on to it.
"Don't waste your time looking back.
You're not going that way."
"Life is just death in slow motion."
- Lewis Black, Comedy Central UK

Singapore oh Singapore

Singapore is known for many things, but friendly is not one of them.

Me: Can I have 2 siew mai^ and teh si gao siew dai*?
Lady: Having here or take away?
Me: Having here
Me: *thinking I can't finish the tea* Actually, can you make the tea take away
Me: Teh si, but I mean make it take away
Me: *also raised my voice* YES TEH SI GAO SIEW DAI BUT MAKE IT TAKE AWAY
Lady: Ya lah, take away
Me: ???

^ A type of traditional Chinese dumpling
* Thick coffee with evaporated milk, less sugar
** Coffee with condensed milk

Kinds of coffee in Singapore
How to order coffee in Singapore.
To order tea, change the word "kopi" to "teh".

The hurtful things he says

And my unspoken defense is just this.

I was never one for pretenders.
Everything I tried to be, just wouldn't settle in.

If I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me?

Can I clear my conscience, if I'm different from the rest?
Do I have to run and hide?

There are no contradictions

This is a story of contradictions of a certain wise person.
Disclaimer: All quotes are indeed real and not exaggeration, in all their ridiculousness. Only the timeline is jumbled up. If it's not clear, calling the person "wise" is a sarcasm.

Me: You should watch Game of Thrones.
Wise person (WP): I don't have time. I'm working to build the perfect software to earn money so I don't have to work for the rest of my life.
Me: K
WP: Talk to you later. I gotta catch a Pokemon.

- - : - -

Me: I'm thinking to move to Europe, for a chance to settle down there.
WP: You're so childish. You're a bad planner. You're not thinking of all the aspects. You only see the beautiful things, but not considering the negative things. Like racism. Listen to me, I've read the geopolitical information, psychology of the people, and inflation and exchange rate. I know that Europe economy is going down in a few years. Do you really want to live in such a place? Believe me, you don't.
Me: K
WP: Omg, I'm late for a meeting. Which direction to this place?

- - : - -

Me: I'm changing my lifestyle, so I'm cutting back on sugar.
WP: You only want to lose weight, right? You only care about looking skinny. Losing weight is not just about cutting back sugar. Like me, now I'm jogging every night. Do you wanna know how much I lost? I've lost 8 kg. My wife has lost 13 kg.
Me: K
WP: BTW, have you tried Nutella?

Knowing all the facts doesn't make you a smart person, much less a wise person.
You can know a lot, but still be an idiot.

Don't make it too easy for me

During latest family gathering... My COUSIN (yes, my cousin), showing off her second granddaughter (yes, you read that right), hinting at me still unmarried: "See, even my daughter already has two daughters."

I was torn between being nice, "Congratulations."
Or being my sarcastic self, "My condolences."

I just smiled mysteriously, cos my mama said to always be nice, but she also said to always be myself.

Special snowflakes

English proficiency

Another interesting, thought-provoking conversation with my (other) colleague:

Her: *saying this cannot be done, that cannot be done* It's impossible
Me: Nothing is impossible
Her: Are you endorsing Nike?
Me: What?
Her: I mean Adidas
Me: Oh, you mean "Impossible is Nothing"? That one is "Impossible is Nothing".
Her: ....
Me: Yeah, that's Adidas
Her: Tit for tat, tat for tit, it's the same.
Me: ....

Limpeh clap for you