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You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

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A message from Unicorn Rockstar

Got a magical message from a Unicorn Rockstar the other day. Would be a shame if I don't share it.
(verse 1)
pain is forever, I feel it everyday
don't you get it boo?
i try to talk to but the words won't say
help me to help you boo

netflix is forever
illegally watching it to get over

i eat the food you left in the fridge
i turned the TV on but can't find the switch
you don't love me so i'm going to the bridge
to find the map to you heart i need a hitch

(verse 2)
i stalk you hard on your websites
trying to be romantic but i don't feel right
do you know how it feels like boo?
to love a love that don't love me, boo

netflix is forever
illegally watching it to get over

i eat the food you left in the fridge
i turned the TV on but can't find the switch
you don't love me so i'm going to the bridge
to find the map to you heart i need a hitch

Birthday wish

To somebody who owns her own world. 
To somebody who’s intelligent yet insane. 
And quoting Vincent van Gogh, "however meaningless and vain, however dead life appears, the man of faith, of energy, of warmth.. steps in and does something and hangs on to that." 

2017 must have a hard year for you but never forget the sweet memories too. 
You are your own wonder woman. 
The millennial Viking that survives the apocalypse of heartbreak. 
Life is full of uncertainty. 
Uncertainty is like opening your eyes wide in the dark then closing them hard and then opening them again just to be blinded by the sparkling silver dots created from pressure on the corneas. 
Squint, roll, focus, then you’re blind again. 
But, at least you saw the light somehow. 

I'm going a bit off track right now but here I am wishing you a calming day. 
You're the friend I never asked for but a God's send. 
Thank you for being my thunder in the storm.

Your Rockstar

10,593 days old

My colleagues know I need a new lipstick, and I like my wine.
(Check out my Gudetama photobombing my wine)

Liar, liar on the wall

What sickening about liars is not that they lie.
But they have no remorse for their lies.

What sickening about childish people is not their immaturity.
But what they do that hurt the people around them.

Gone and forgotten

I'm taking a moment of silence for the fallen blogs:

Colourful friendship

Look at what my cute colleagues brought me! I'm not big on celebrations, but who can resist this awesome cake brought in by a magical unicorn.

So last year I got 8-flavoured cheesecake, and this year I got 7-coloured rainbow cake! Awesome, awesome, awesome!
It's the most colourful cake I've ever seen in my life!
Fork? What fork?
Who needs fork?



Thank you for your farewell..

Black Swan

So, even though I spent my Valentine's Day as a single (only on that day, ok), I had a lot of fun. Yes, I'm that kind of person that like to celebrate days, unlike some people.
Started the Day of Love suck-ily, including bashing someone at the Ministry of Manpower, but I had fun nevertheless.

Went out with my friends to watch the long-awaited movie, Black Swan. Yep, the one by Darren Aronofsky and with Natalie Portman in it. First got mixed between The Cathay and Cathay Cineplex of Singapore (as I always do. Sorry, guys), but we made it to the right cinema, and thus to the movie, just in time.

It's a dark movie.
That's what can be said about it in short. If you're suicidal, please don't watch the movie.
Oh well, seems like that's the only thing you can expect from a director that made Requiem for a Dream.

It's a mysterious movie even the way it's produced. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been a movie enthusiast whole my life, and I haven't encountered a movie that has 7 different promotional posters that are equally distributed and only 2 stated the name of the director. Isn't it funny that he prefers to be known as 'the director of The Westler' rather than 'Darren Aronofsky'?
And most of them are in the color of black, red, and white.
To my fellow conspiracy theorists, you must know what it means.

For my fellow movie enthusiasts, esp. those who already watched the movie, don't you find it odd that Natalie Portman should play such character? When I got the ticket, I noticed that they printed M18 hugely. When I watch the movie, I thought it's only appropriate. If you're underage, going with a children, or a sex addict, please don't watch the movie.

But I love it.
To be honest, the only other movie I've seen by Aronofsky is Requiem (cos there's Jared Leto in it! *promotion*).
I think I should go watch The Fountain and The Westler now.
But from both movies, I can already draw the distinct styles of the director.

The camera panning, the switching between scenes, the lighting, the synchronization of the visual and the audio, and smooth blend between real shots and CGI.
And the music. Both Requiem and Black Swan had taken the famous music from legendary composers. In this particular movie, the original music from Tchaikovsky was "played backwards and in a distorted manner".
How cool is that.
The soundtracks of the movie stuck in my head long after I went back home, esp. the last scene where Nina performed as the Black Swan. And I don't usually remember musics. It's just all brilliant.

Cinematography aside, the story talks about ambition, obsession, and control, both to ourselves and to other people. It reminds us, everything that's excessive is not good.
There's also the play on mirrors. Mirrors seldom fail in spooking people up, but Aronofsky takes it to the next level.
Then there's the acting and the dancing. Gosh, I forgot how much I loved ballet. Natalie Portman is not only admirable as an actress, but also as a ballerina. Watching her as Nina, one can really see how dedicated she was for the movie. I shall not say further, lest I ruin the movie for you.
Oh yeah, you really should go and watch the movie. Esp. guys, you don't want to miss out the kissing scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

"I was perfect."

The joy of a child

There's one story in 'Friends' the TV series, where Phoebe and Rachel went jogging together. Rachel later finds out that Phoebe has a weird way of running. And when I say weird, it's WEIRD, with hands all over the place and legs going apart from each other.
When confronted about this, Phoebe says she just run the way she did as a child, careless and free.

Kinda true at some point.
As we grow older, what we care is how people will see us, what people might think, what people might say. But we're missing the point.
For example, when SOME girls are going swimming, what they think about is, which bikini they should wear, what color, what model, are they slim enough, do they push the bikini pad enough, how should they tie their hair. In the end they didn't swim at all, but merely sitting around at the beach or at the side of the pool -to show off their bods, bikini and hair (or maybe that's their purpose from the beginning).

I have a little sister who's only 3 years and a half now. Whenever we say we're going to the beach, she'll jump to the door and ready to go. Sometimes, she doesn't even give a damn if she hasn't wiped her mouth from her lunch spread.
She doesn't jump to the front of the mirror, or to her closet to pick the best swimming suit or beach wear. Because children still stick to the real meaning of things: if we go to the swimming pool, we swim. If we go to the beach, we swim, we play with sand, we get dirty (not that kind of dirty, pervs out there).

So, moral of the story today: don't fret over what people want to say. As long as your conscience is clear, just do whatever you need to do. Don't be fake. And don't lose meaning of things. Do your things because you like to, because you're enjoying yourself. Not because it's the hip/cool/popular thing to do.

Btw, in the end, Rachel follow Phoebe's running style ;)

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Old sayings are always proven true. Well, they survived the corrosion of time precisely because they are accurate most of the time (always, in this case). You can always see which one are the true friends, not fake ones, when you're starting to show the darker side of you and your life.
Sadly, I don't have that many true friends. Luckily, I have few.

It's good to know that those few always stand by me. Even when I'm being difficult and mysterious, complicated and annoying. They're not exactly helping by giving what I need, but they're here, lending listening ears and giving a pat on the back. And some of them even really spend their time trying to help. What wonderful people *hearts*

But like any other things, when you have the good ones, you'll get the bad ones.
There are two kinds of rotten ones that I'm meeting right now: fakers and backstabbers.
One is always so nice and sweet in front of you, give you compliment how beautiful/smart/interesting/etc you are. Tell you that they're so sad that you're sad, blablabla. BUT THEN, behind your back, across the counter, behind closed doors, they'll start spreading gossips that YOU are the untrustworthy one. Geez..stop being fake. What do you gain from it? Definitely not respect. And please, quit dragging the name of GOD around..
Then there's this other kind who likes to give hinted insults. What the heck is wrong with you? If you don't like me, just go away. I won't care. I won't even realize.
You don't understand: Why do I like my guy? Why do I stay with him? Why do I look sad all the time? Why do I? Why am I? Why not this? Why? Why?
'Cause you don't know what I know >>
It doesn't matter what future brings.
Just enjoy what we have and do our best.

Then one day we'll look back without regret for we know that we've cherished what we had.

O2Camp the 2nd day...

My team ready to fight the other team :D
Spot me?
Felix and Inez, before we leave for Sentosa (O2 Camp 26-27 Sept)
Oh, aren't they just cute?! *lol*

"Laugh is the sweetest gift we can give --definitely also for ourselves."

"There's nothing better than a good lie.."

Mood: Angry
Soundtrack: Evanescene, "Everybody's Fool"

There are more lies than broken promises.

There are more lies around you than you realize.
The promises of love, of parent's love, of best friends',
the promises of shoulder you can cry on, of helping hands, of anything on earth.
It's all lies.
Where are they when your world's falling apart?
Where are they when you're trying so hard picking up your shattered dream?
When you bleed by crystallized tears?
Keeping their own world and dreams safe. Away from you.

They break your heart with their lies,
stomp on it with their indifference,
throw it away and laugh away.
Then they're condemn you for not having a heart?!