~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

Happy freaking birthday to me

Of course -I got a feeling- this year's birthday not as half as miserable as yesteryear's, but I don't know why I've been feeling moody these few days. I had a tiff with my longest best friend few days back. And since some days ago, people -PEOPLE- have been texting me with "happy advance birthday". I was like "what the...." But of course, for the sake of courtesy, I just said thank you, thank you for remembering anyway (I mean, what else could I ask of? What more do I deserve?).

The only thing (okay, not really THE ONLY) that cheer me up, is Christina Aguilera. That's right, the girl's back with a new album! Well, a greatest hits album, actually. But there are four new songs (or more like songs-sequel), and they are awesome! She still knows who she is, and proud of it!
The transformation between Hollywood Glam to Futuristic Babe is just cute.

For those who keeps saying Christina is a talentless bitch, HELLO? WAKE UP! Learn some music first! Then listen to Paris Hilton. And you can decide what a talentless bitch sounds like. Everybody agrees that Christina Aguilera is a precious jewel in music industry. Watch this and tell me if Britney, or even Miley Cyrus *roll eyes* able to deliver such live performance. Christina does no lip-sync, she'll let you know if she does, which only happen when she dances cos she's not a dancer, she's a musician.

Anyway, it's just great to listen to Christina songs and be reminded: "You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down."

There's some women out there who talk and stare
Who never seem to let down their hair
Like to past judgement, but they're just scared
Shut up I don't care what you say.
Some days I'm a super bitch, next day I'm your super girl.

So yeah, I'm going to continue this post in few hours. See if there's any change in my day...


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