~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

There is no God? --Evolution my foot

Last night I was surfing youtube.com when I came across this video --a video trying to prove that God does not exist. Without doubt, there are a lot of comments on this video. Comments from people who support that 'there is no God' and people who opposing the idea. And of course, I don't want to be left out, so I left a comment which says: "hm...If God doesnt exist, then WHO created us?". And some guy answer: "evaberlin, you need to learn more about evolution". I almost laugh to dead reading that answer. No offence, I was just thinking, even IF the evolution ever did happen, then who the hell in this universe created the "first-ever" particle/substance/atom/whatever?

This whole God-does-not-exist thing reminds me a debate which took place in my class when I was in my last year in Senior High School. We were talking about evolution in the Biology class. Then me and my friends [8 people out of 40 in that class] were thinking "this isn't right", so we declared: we are disagree. Instantly, the class were divided into two sides, those who support evolution and those who do not. 8 against 32 [when the teacher ask who will be on 'no-evolution' side, nobody moves a hair].So the long debate was begun. There were debate from science side and religion side. I’ll just tell you the talk over religion side [because if I tell you the science side, I’ll able to write a novel].

So, let’s put it this way, there is NO God. The universe was blank [Imagine a dark empty room] No air, no light, no gasses, nothing. Suddenly, out of nowhere *puff* some certain of gas was pop out. Nobody made it, it self made [hey, there was NO God] that means it’s great, so the gas started multiply itself to oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, e t c.
So after I don’t know how many million years, the gasses have become solid and created something called rocks, which have become planets. And one planet -somehow- became so hot it burns. Other -somehow- have ring. Other -somehow- became red. Others -somehow- reflect the light from that burning planet. And one...-somehow- became so cool, that it makes it possible for living things to live in it [later, when we already evolute to intellegent animals, we called it earth]. But it was too cold, so somehow, the earth reduced its temperature [*yawn* oh let’s just fast forward it].

Through many trials and tribulations, the earth's climate was then perfect. So those great gasses fused together resulting something alive --*drum roll* the ancestor of everything. It breathed, it ate, then somehow it grew to something bigger. Some of these things lived in the water, some lived on the land. Some become fish which later will become flying animal [or birds, if you want to call it]. Then, some became the ancestor of monkeys and human. What bothers me a lot is, if that ancestor can evolute to monkeys AND human, why not the ancestor of horse evolute to horse AND human-horse who -like human- could've been able to build cities, learn math, then together with us arguing about evolution and God? Oh no, wait, is that why there's something called centaur...?

Well, anyway, that’s it. So, “evolution” makes sense? ... *laugh to dead*


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