~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

May I write my Christmas wish earlier?

Guess what! MTV Asia Award is going to be held in Genting, Malaysia this year. The exact date of the event is on August 2nd.
Buutt.. That is not the big news. The big news is.... *takes a deep breath* guess who's going to host it?

JARED LETO! Yes, Jared Leto as the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto as Jared who played in Lord of War and Alexander!

> See the news here! <

OH. MY. GOD! *shudder* I really want to go.
But it won't be fun if I go alone. I have to look for friend(s) who live in Singapore and/or Malaysia AND is/are
30 Seconds to Mars' fan(s).
Or, if the circumstance is depressing, I have to force at least one of my friends to be 30 Seconds to Mars' fan and force him/her accompany me to the Awards... *lol*


Jared Leto left the luxury of the Chateau Marmont
to pick up a mystery woman outside Hollywood's
Rodeway Inn, dubbed the "worst... sorry motel"
in the city, online. After partying at the Chateau
Marmont late on Friday (04Apr08), Leto, who once
dated Cameron Diaz, took a trip to the seedier side
of Hollywood and parked up outside the dingy Sunset
Boulevard stay-over. With his engine running, the friend
stepped out of a nearby car and into the actor's vehicle.
The Chapter 27 star then drove back to his Beverly Hills home
with his mysterious passenger. Actor Jared Leto picking up a
mystery woman outside Hollywood's Rodeway Inn. Los Angeles



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