~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

There are Five levels in this survey.

Level 1 : Not difficult
~ What are you wearing now?
- dark blue pajamas
~What's beside you?
- my brother's bike
~What are you doing now?
- answering this survey, duh..
~Where are your siblings?
- out there somewhere
~Are you okay?
- not really, I'm a bit tired.

Level 2 : Kinda difficult.
~What do you wish you had now?
- money, lots of it (okay, now, I'm not as materialistic as it sounds..)
~Have you told someone you loved them?
- of course.
~Last time you shouted.
- this morning :D
Do you like/love anyone right now?
-like? for sure. I like all my friends. love? what kind are you talking about?
What are you wondering/thinking about now?
- gosh, a lot!

Level 3 : Getting personal
~Have you ever thought you were gay?
- haha..sometimes.
~Have you ever wanted to tell someone how you really love him/her?
- yup
~Have you regretted loving someone?
- yes, still do.
~Would you kiss your ex-crush?
- on cheek, why not?
~Have you loved someone, but he/she doesn't know?
- yes, I have.

Level 4 : Get ready to spill your secrets.
~Have someone asked you to be her/his gf/bf but you rejected him/her and felt guilty?
- yes
~When was the last time a boy said ' i love you ' to you? ( family doesnt count )
- that exact word? I don't know, like, 5 years ago?
~When you hear a love/slow song, who comes into your mind?
- "gosh, the lyrics are so mushy!"
~Have you broke someone's heart?
- yes, I guess so... (so sorry, boy)
~Have you regret letting someone go?
- yes, so badly yes.

Level 5 : ( last level ) Random.
~Would you kiss someone 3 years from now?
- hmm why not?
~Do you think someone loves you? ( opposite gender )
- *shrug*
~Where is the best place to flirt?
- ahaha.. school??
~Would you date someone because you like his/her looks?
- ONLY because of his look? nope.
~Would you date someone who is not hot/cute but he really loves you?
- yes, totally.


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