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You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

20 October 2013

20 October 2013
It's true that we can't help the people who won't help themselves. Apparently, it's not true that when you teach someone how to fish, he'll be able to eat fish for the rest of his life.
When he complained that he doesn't have enough fish to eat, you tell him about fishing. Then he'll complain that he doesn't know how to fish.
When you show him how to fish and even give him a manual on it, he'll complain that he doesn't have the bait.
When you show him where and how to get the bait, he'll complain that he doesn't know where to fish.
When you show him the good places to fish, he'll say he's too tired or not good enough at fishing to catch some fish.
So what's left to do is just to push him into the sea.

Cannot be helpedFound this old note of mine, and it still holds true even today.

A friend of mine, doesn't want to live in Indonesia anymore. So I told her to find work in another country. She said she can't really speak English. I told her to learn English then. She said it's too difficult.

Another friend of mine, wants to study in another country. So I said go then. What are you waiting for? She said she doesn't have money.
I said, there's a lot of scholarship. She said she doesn't have any info. I told her to ask around; we have friends who got scholarship in other countries before. She said she's too shy to ask.
I said Google it then. She said too many requirements, too difficult.

Then what's left to do for me is just to push them into the sea.

Just kidding.. I've learnt not to give anymore fucks.


you... wan sum fuk?
(seriously... meme is ruining me...)


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