~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

Another day at work

4 pm in the office..

*ring ring*
Me: Halo?
Lady: May I know is RT still with you? (name is hidden to protect privacy)
Me: Oh, he's no longer with us.
Lady: May I know who replaces him?
Me: Sorry, may I know what this is regarding of?
Lady: I just want to know who replaces RT *being rude*
Me: I'm not sure what's RT position was, can you just let me know so I can refer you to the right person?
Lady: *in bossy tone* So here's the background ya, I'm from a PR company and I usually send press releases to RT to be published.
Me: Oh-
Lady: But now the emails I've been sending him keeps bouncing back.
Me: Actually-
Lady: So can I know who's replacing him?
Me: I am the one who's handling editorial now.
Lady: Ok, what's your name?
Me: Eva
Lady: How do you spell that?
Me: -_-" eee- veee-- ey
Lady: And your last name?
Me: *oh shit* Fransiskus. eeef--
Lady: What is that?
Me: Fransiskus. FRANSISKUS. ef-ar-ey-ant-es-aee-es-kei-you-es *quickly*
Lady: sorry, I didn't get that.
Me: *slowly now* eeeef... aaaarr.. eeeey..
Lady: I didn't get that.
Me: eeeeey... ef-ar-eeeey..
Lady: Ok.
Me: aaaant.. es-aee-es... keeeiiii...youuuu...essss..
Lady: What's your email address?
Me: That'd be eva...berlin..
Lady: How do you spell that?
Me: -_-" eva.. bee-- ee-- ar-
Lady: Eva..vee--ee--ar.
Me: No, no, bee, bee..
Lady: For Vietnam?
Me: For Bangkok.
Lady: Ok
Me: Eeel--
Lady: Huh? Can you repeat that from the beginning? *still bossy*
Me: ee-vee-ey-bee-ee-ar-el-ay-ant
Lady: ee-vee-ey-bee-ee-ar-el-ay-em
Me: No, ant, for Norway.
Lady: Ok, so evaberlin at?
Me: *say the company webmail*
Lady: And your position is?
Me: I'm the editor
Lady: Editorial--..?
Me: Editor
Lady: Editorial--..?
Lady: Oh, you're the editor--- *sweet voice* Oh, thank you Eva, I will be sending you the emails then. Thank you.
Me: Sure, bye.

Good luck with the job, lady.


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