~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard


14 Things about Garfield that you might not know.

1. His owner's name is Jon Arbuckle. Jon is a cartoonist.
2. The real cartoonist name is Jim Davis.
3. The first ever strip was drawn on 19 June 1978. Thus, Garfield's birthday is 19 June.

4. Odie, Jon's dog, was actually owned by Lyman Johnson, a friend of Jon's who was his roommate.
5. Odie was first introduced in 8 August 1978 strip, along with Lyman.

6. Garfield's favorite teddy bear is named Pooky. His first appearance was on 23 October 1978.

7. Jon met his girlfriend, Liz, when he took Garfield for a checkup on 26 June 1978. Obviously, she's a vet. After so many rejections, Jon finally gets a date with Liz on 21 April  1980

8. Garfiel LOVES coffee.. and is pretty much addicted to caffeine.

9. Garfield was born 5 pounds 6 ounces, in Mama Leoni's Italian Restaurant. That explains his love for lasagna..

10. And, oh yeah, Garfield has a grandpa.

11. Garfield has an archenemy named Nermal. He's the "world's cutest kitten" owned by Jon's mom.

12. Since Jon has a girlfriend, Garfield doesn't want to be left behind too. He's been seeing a pink/purple cat called Arlene since 17 December 1980.

13. Despite his penchant for holding a newspaper while drinking coffee in the morning, Garfield cannot read.

14. Garfield has an invisible friend called Clive. He was debuted on 22 April 1996 and last seen on 16 June 2003.

If you're a big fan of this chubby cat, the full list of Garfield comics can be read here.
If you're a bigger fan, every information about Garfield is available in Garfield Wiki.

The real world hunger

Mother Teresa quote
"There is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, for kindness, and for thoughtfulness
-and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much."
-Mother Teresa


"Elegance is sexiness with maturity."

The beginning of creation is always destruction.

Деревья (Derevya) by Vintage

Твой кумир – полубог.
Он придумал тебя, и ты поверил
В пустоте, между строк
Ты коснулся любви, и она сгорела.

Картинки, машинки, бумажки.
А где настоящая жизнь?
Ты утром проснёшься однажды.
Скажи мне...

Расскажи мне, где ты был?
Где ты был, когда на Земле любовь жила?
Где ты был, когда я одного тебя ждала?
Когда деревья были большими,
Когда все мальчики становятся мужчинами...

Бей меня, мой сатир.
Только я прожила чуть больше жизни.
И держу этот мир,
Как ребёнка в руках, а ты отец лишь на словах!

Картинки, машинки, бумажки.
А где настоящая жизнь?
Ты утром проснёшься однажды.
Скажи мне...

Расскажи мне, где ты был?
Где ты был, когда на Земле любовь жила?
Где ты был, когда я одного тебя ждала,
Когда деревья были большие...
Когда все мальчики становятся мужчинами,
И не играют больше в гонки и в войну,
Не разбивают на осколки тишину
И целый мир они держат на ладони?

На ладони...
Когда деревья были большие...
Когда все мальчики становятся мужчинами,

Note: I don't speak one bit Russian.
The lyrics are for those who do, and are interested in the song.


Another day at work

4 pm in the office..

*ring ring*
Me: Halo?
Lady: May I know is RT still with you? (name is hidden to protect privacy)
Me: Oh, he's no longer with us.
Lady: May I know who replaces him?
Me: Sorry, may I know what this is regarding of?
Lady: I just want to know who replaces RT *being rude*
Me: I'm not sure what's RT position was, can you just let me know so I can refer you to the right person?
Lady: *in bossy tone* So here's the background ya, I'm from a PR company and I usually send press releases to RT to be published.
Me: Oh-
Lady: But now the emails I've been sending him keeps bouncing back.
Me: Actually-
Lady: So can I know who's replacing him?
Me: I am the one who's handling editorial now.
Lady: Ok, what's your name?
Me: Eva
Lady: How do you spell that?
Me: -_-" eee- veee-- ey
Lady: And your last name?
Me: *oh shit* Fransiskus. eeef--
Lady: What is that?
Me: Fransiskus. FRANSISKUS. ef-ar-ey-ant-es-aee-es-kei-you-es *quickly*
Lady: sorry, I didn't get that.
Me: *slowly now* eeeef... aaaarr.. eeeey..
Lady: I didn't get that.
Me: eeeeey... ef-ar-eeeey..
Lady: Ok.
Me: aaaant.. es-aee-es... keeeiiii...youuuu...essss..
Lady: What's your email address?
Me: That'd be eva...berlin..
Lady: How do you spell that?
Me: -_-" eva.. bee-- ee-- ar-
Lady: Eva..vee--ee--ar.
Me: No, no, bee, bee..
Lady: For Vietnam?
Me: For Bangkok.
Lady: Ok
Me: Eeel--
Lady: Huh? Can you repeat that from the beginning? *still bossy*
Me: ee-vee-ey-bee-ee-ar-el-ay-ant
Lady: ee-vee-ey-bee-ee-ar-el-ay-em
Me: No, ant, for Norway.
Lady: Ok, so evaberlin at?
Me: *say the company webmail*
Lady: And your position is?
Me: I'm the editor
Lady: Editorial--..?
Me: Editor
Lady: Editorial--..?
Lady: Oh, you're the editor--- *sweet voice* Oh, thank you Eva, I will be sending you the emails then. Thank you.
Me: Sure, bye.

Good luck with the job, lady.

Mac is a bimbo

Bro: Why do you suddenly do not want Mac laptop anymore?
Me: Cos I liked Mac only for the editing software, I don't like everything else.
Bro: This line of Mac is the last batch in which Steve Jobs is involved :'(

*after long talk of why-not-Mac*

Me: Mac is like a bimbo girl.
Bro: Hah??
Me: On the first sight it is indeed attractive, and it is indeed fashionable. But in the long run, high maintenance and more heartache than happines.
Bro: Is this your bf's theory? -_-"

A day at work

5.59 pm in the office..

Colleague 1: *scrubbing her keyboard with disinfectant*
Colleague 2: *arranging stationary and documents*
Colleague 3: *updating her documents for the day*
Boss: *still on the phone while replying emails* (he's a multitasker)

Me: *turned off computer, bag in one hand, sit with a stance (kuda2) ready to run*

Late-stayer in the office are either hardworking (read: person who cannot work smart) or a suck-up to boss.

A walk on the beach

Girlfriend: So, when are you going to take me to Jumbo (a seafood restaurant)?

Boyfriend: When? What? Didn't I? Oh, but I don't like it there, the people are so rude. We can't even choose our own seat. Anyway it's always so crowded there. Or is it just me? Maybe for other people the service is alright, that it's the way it should be? I don't know, I mean if you're buying food somewhere else, they will treat you better, because.. *on and on while..*

Girlfriend: *is shutting down the eardrums, playing Requiem for a Dream in mind*