~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard


Have you heard the news? iPad was released and iPhone 4 is going to be released soon.
So, there's iSync, iTunes, iWork, iWeb, iMac, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, back to iPhone. Did I mention iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iDisk? And.. oh, iPhone one more time. Then let's not forget the most majestic of them all, the iPad.
[Wait right there, if you expect this to be a review of the technology, there's no such thing here. You'd only find my rants].
There are two things that bother me here, as much as I like Apple and worship Steve Jobs:

First, Apple is known for their creativity of inventing new things and make their customers believe that they need those things. Then, WHY THE HECK CAN'T THEY INVENT A BETTER NAMING FOR THEIR PRODUCTS? It's starting to get on my nerves.

Second, like I said, Apple (or rather, Steve Jobs) is gifted in telling people that it has invented new things/technology and that they'd need those things. But do we really? Let's see in particular for this iPad thing..

First, the use. So it's a hybrid between a PDA and a laptop (or, how I see it, a PDA that stuck mid-way in its evolution to be a laptop). Was it not intended to be an ebook? Then why does it include a virtual keyboard, web browser, is heavy, and not something that's nicely fit our grip, especially in the toilet? Was it intended to replace laptop? If so, why can't it multitask, open Flash, and -although I heard rumors that it can run up to 10 hours- Jobs didn't mention anything about a strong battery life(time)?

Second thing, the price. The prices of iPad range is between US$ 400-850 which approximately S$ 700-1200. So we have a desktop at home, a laptop in the room, a handphone in the bag, an MP3 player in our pocket (a PDA in another pocket, for some people. An additional PSP in the bag, for some other people), do we really need to buy one more gadget that doesn't really have a special purpose in its life or a special place to fit in? This is what I call the conspiracy of consumerism, when the society backed (or brainwashed) by commercial companies to force poor people in that society "work in a job you hate, to buy stuff that you don't need," and finally, "to impress people that you don't like".
Welcome to the universe.

Oh well.. anyway, don't mind me.. The truth is, I'm just jealous that those Apple products are out of my league of budgeting. Now, go buy your futuristic keyboardless laptop.


Wow. that's a rant indeed.

Just that.. How on earth this is dated on June 14th while i remember i don't see anything posted for almost the whole month?!

Now before you face off your jealousy of the off-league iGadgets, stop manipulating technology to back-date your blog post.

There's nothing wrong with the name. I think it's brilliant, just like me, iBrilliant :p

Consumerism is bad. Consumerism moves the world. I also must say Consumerism is only for the commoners, not for you. Now if you keep continue to succumb to this topic, you've surrender yourself.

Help me prove that I'm wrong. You have all the time until you buy the iDea of iGnorance or iNdifference.


huaaah..the attack of mr. moody.

i started to write on 14th, but as busy as i am, i have to put off finishing it till i have the time. so there you have it when i've done it.

no, there's nothing wrong about the names. just bothering. like your name bothers me XD

consumerism is a conspiracy. by a group of people to make us want and think we need the things that don't exactly make our life easier nor better. ah..here i go again.

i don't understand your last paragraph. i guess i am iGnorant iNdeed.


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