~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

Just finished watching a (really) long movie about Hitler [or some call it a really truly miniseries], thanks Mr. Matahari for generously lending me his DVD. Still, I don't understand what's with this guy, why did he hate Jews so much. I never really read anything on him, never really want to. I watched the movie, there's only one emotion that I feel (out of him and on myself): hatred. Why was Hitler so full of hatred? His life was bad, yes, but there are many who had worse (Nelson Mandela, for one) who turned out to be just alright, or even became a messenger of peace.

It's not easy, of course, to understand how these great people think. I read so many books and articles on Alexander the Great, before I finally see a glimpse of what motivates him: his father. Both admiration and hatred for the father. But still, that's just my conclusion. The real thing, who'd ever know..

On another perspective, both Hitler and Alexader made good leaders. People were afraid of them, maybe, but most of them gladly supported them. Why? I heard leadership is about influence. What made both Hitler and Alexander (plus Genghis Khan, Obama, Cleopatra, you name it) so influential? What made them good leaders? Compassion for their followers? I'm not sure for Hitler, and I'm suspicious not for Napoleon as well. Their great visions? Maybe, but how did they convinced their followers? Ah..so many questions of how and why..

What keeps them going is more complicated. Ambition? Glory? Pride? Greed (like one of my friends said)? A yearn for a change? ..Hatred? Alexander fought on in his war in India when he severly wounded. Achilles (even though he's a mere myth) went to Greek even though it meant he won't live long enought to come back home. Cleopatra's willing to be called Caesar's whore just to keep Egypt safe and strong. And, back to Hilter.. even though he's imprisoned, he kept going on.
Oh, well, I guess it's different for each person, what keeps them going on in their little journey called life.

So.. what keeps YOU going? ;)


Hitler was a good PR figure with a lot of charisma. He was great at speeches, at rallying etc, but generally most of other stuff (tactics etc) was left to his less famous lieutenants.


Woot! Hi Cody, glad to see someone who can see the sunny side of Herr Hitler :)

I shall put a side note that, it wasn't all hatred that fill Hitler. It's his love for Germany. (it's about perspective, eh, Ms. V?).

If you were to draw an analogy, you'd realize that Hitler is as remarkable and deserve applause as much as Gandhi or Cleopatra. These people are called 'great' because they managed to find 'the way' for positive changes. Of course, Gandhi is using the concept of humility/peace/self-sufficiency while Cleopatra is using her beauty. For a war-torn country like Germany, I think Hitler did the best possible solution that Germany can grasp.

On the (side) side note, Gandhi did his peace rally because he knows that the Chivalrous British won't shoot unarmed civilians. But if he were to born as a Jew and drive his fellow Jews for an obedient, nonviolent resistance, I think he'll be Hitler's favorite enemy. but he'll be 6 feet under before he knows it. hah~


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