~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

Fine, fine.. no worries..

I just realized something: yeah, my last so-many posts in this blog are so depressing.
Even almost all posts in my other blog.
It does amazes me that it takes quite a while and quite a few people to nudge me for me to realize that my blog depresses people.

I need to make clarification: NO, my life is not bad. It's everything I want it to be at this point of time.
It just that every time something good and fun and exciting happens, I don't have time to write them in my blog. But when something annoying happens, all I want to do is rant it away.

And other reason why I don't want to tell all the good stuffs I'm enjoying, is because I don't want to come across as a brag.

And surely I don't want to exhibit all the good and great and sweet things my boyfriend did for and to me --I don't want to make my ex-suitors jealous (knock knock Mr. Felix S).

Talking about Mr. Sun, here is my reply for your comment:
-Isn't the right grammar should be 'I should've taken..'?
-I was just bothered by CERTAIN girls around me who fall into the bitchy gold-digger category. I feel pity for their boyfriends, and at the same time praying hard that I'm not subconsciously is one of them.
-You're right, I am confuse. Sorry to confuse you. Any enlightenment?

That should be all for now. Any dissatisfaction.. call my lawyer.


Ohhhhh, so you aren't really living in a dark pit of despair. That makes more sense. :P


F@#HTGJFIG$*T$... I was planning to let you go in peace, until you knock on my ego.

+ Pardon my broken grammar, jealously block my grammar I should’ve kept my jealousy aside.. if only i can.
+ No I seriously think you’re not the type of bitchy gold digger, and I tell half of the world about it; that’s how rumor entitled me as your suitor.
+ Enlightenments? Yes there are three free enlightenments to be taken away for you:
1. You’re not going to be spared for what you said above (forgiven anyway)
2. I believe the right grammar should be “I am confused. sorry to confuse you” (hah~!)
3. I really don’t have the answer whether you’re a subconscious gold digger, since I’ve never get ‘mined’ by you in an amorous relationship. If you insist to get my insights, it’s as good as saying “I should’ve taken Mr. Felix S” :p

Regarding your comment on mine’s: try to stop blogging and I shall sue you ‘til your lawyer dead of hemorrhage. I’m a Certified Sophistry Expert.


Oh by the way it’s good to hear that you’re having a great time (without me unfortunately).

would try my best to understand the intermittent depressing post, since the blog titled Audi Alteram Partem, so I guess it’s just a small portion of the slightly dark side, apart from your sunny-side up everyday life.


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