~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

Life is not fair --get over it

Welcome to the greatest show
Greatest show on earth
You've never seen before
Here the fairytale unfolds

Some time ago, I read a ‘readers’ page’ in a magazine, in which a counselor will answer readers’ life questions. In that particular section that I read was a letter from someone asking a solution for a problem he’s facing at work. Well, it’s not important what was being asked, but the answer was the one that intrigued me. The counselor said, ‘Go in front of the mirror, and repeat to yourself 20 times: Life isn’t fair, life isn’t fair.’
It’s true, isn’t it? There are so many things in this life that we can’t change no matter how unfair they are.

The super rich people who have more money than they could possibly spend, and some don’t even have to work for it. Girls with bad attitude that find themselves meek husbands. The smarties that get straight As just by reading the lecture notes once, while the others have to study day and night for the whole term only just so they can pass.

The combination of the first and second case is the one that get my attention (and the purpose of this blog being written): the gold-diggers. They somehow are able to find, attract, and hook those kind of guys. Not only the boyfriends are willing to pay, but they are also gladly being abused too, both physically and mentally. It’s not that I’m materialistic (or I am, if you’d like to see it that way or call it so, whatever). But it is somewhat painful to see total bitches from hell get all the stuffs they want, paid by their not-so-gullible boyfriends. Whereas I’ve know quite a few girls who are so gentle, so nice, such perfect girlfriends, but they’re never being spoilt by their boyfriends. Some never even got any present from their boyfriend. How ridiculous is that?

I had a little talk with my best friend the other day, and we agreed that these days, guys are stingier than girls and they are more selfish than ever. They whine when they have to pay for the date, dinner or movie tickets, yet they buy “beauty items” to groom themselves. Difficult to say, though; who’s to say that it’s the boyfriend that has to take care of the girl materially? What’s the purpose of women emancipation at the workplace, then?
P.S: Here is the example of what I'm talking about ;)


Hi Girl!
Glad to see you back on your keyboard! (it’s about time)

Please tell me this isn’t another ‘complain corner’ about your boyfriend.

If it is.. delete this post. Face a mirror and tell yourself 40 times “I should’ve took Felix.. I should’ve took Felix..” then bang your head as hard as you can to the mirror.

If it is not, then what are you complaining about? At one moment you scorn these idiotic good men who got hooked by bitch-cum-gold digger; then you sneer at the girlfriends who don’t got treated ‘right’ by their boyfriend (just because they don’t get gifts from their guy). After that, you bang the table and exclaimed that today’s men are selfish and stingy; then the argument ended with your statement that women are independent enough without being taken care (or treated) by guys.

What are you complaining about? You’re confused, and you’re confusing me.

Your blog entry reminded me of this book titled ‘Why Good Men Married Bitches’ (or something like that) which I haven’t read until today, and I won’t. Here’s the ‘why’:
1. even the good men got the bitches, so what? At least you got one good man with you, unless you want to self-proclaimed yourself as another gold digger
2. for those pitiful girlfriends who got sucky guy, just ignore them, at least you got one good man with you, unless if you don’t think so, then I got nothing to say.
3. “today’s men are selfish and stingy”, you’re not having this one aren’t you? So heck with the rest.
4. “women are independent enough”, GREAT! I’ll wait for your treat for dinner, movie, and gifts every time I wanted to.

If you disagree with number 1, 2, or 3, face the mirror. If you agree with number 4, drop me a call.


A Passing Life’s Backpacker


i should retire as an online blogger soon --can't really deliver my thought in direct, compact way. and many things are better left in the dark drawer corner in a shape of diary.

“I should’ve took Felix.." -_- now, now, how can we guarantee things would be better? :p

I'll answer the rest of your comment in the next post. hopefully soon (if i don't write it within next 3 months, call police).


I suddenly reminded of ur blogpost when i saw a quotation on the net.. saying, "Women just want.. sex and money."


and ya, I agree with Mr. Felix.. and I guess you should see the world in a whole different perspective.. :D

anyway, most of the time, one's life isn't as good as what others' think. e.g. people always think that their boss(es), especially the Big boss(es), are having such an easy life, they have good food, nice cars, etc. which, is VERY wrong.

So if you see those gold diggers, don't need to think too much about it. There must be reasons why the Boyfriend is willing to do that, or maybe she has the charm and charisma to 'conquer' her bf.. and no offense, who knows it's just you who doesn't have that 'power'. Hahaha

and yea.. I truly believe in "Behind every successful man, there is a great woman."


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