~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

Yesterday, I went to National Library with a close friend of mine. I knew right from the start that it's a mistake, because we'll talk a lot and a library isn't a right place to to it. Correct enough, by the time we have seated, we started to giggling away at some pictures in my laptop. My bad (or rather, OUR bad), I have to admit...
And so, a man beside us got so annoyed he scolded us, "Diamlah! Nanti kuhajar kalian!" Yes, he said it in Malay (which surprised me double) which mean, "Shut up! Or I'll beat you up!". I was so startled I only nod my head.
Well, we quickly run away afterwards (move to other place to continue our giggles, that is)

When I was in the bus heading home few hours later, I look around me and all I see was tired faces and short-tempered people (I say so because people who were getting into the bus are pushing each other with annoyed faces and, of course, nobody has even the slightliest smile on his/her face). And I was reminded of the angry man at the library I met earlier; so my mind started to run wild: Is this world so lack of patience these days? Do we really so desperately need more love in this life?
I mean, like the man in the library, he could just tell us to be quiet and we'll understand. Is there any need to be enraged and "beat us up"? (I find his words pretty amusing, actually, but I totally dared not to laugh). But, oh well, what do I know? He probably had a real bad day...

I've heard
quote certain people unquote said, "It's always troublesome when it comes to connecting with people." I cannot emphasize enough how disagree I am with this statement.
Of course it can be very challenging to have contact with many different people in this surprising world, but quoting Jared Leto (the inspiring Jared Leto *lol*): "I’ve had my share of intense experiences with people, but I’m not about to start living my life in a box."
It is true, don't you agree? The more angry people we meet in our everyday life, the more we need to go out there and share the rare love this world need. And perhaps also some extra laughter. To see it in different perspective, it can be an exciting challenge that make our life less dull.


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