~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

What you want is not always what you get....

...thank God for that!
[Or in other words, like the old sayings said: Be careful of what you wish for]

Yes, we should be thankful that we didn’t get everything we want. Cos more often than not, we don’t know what’s good for us and what’s totally going to ruin us.
Yesterday I’m doing my part time job as a waitress. I went there -except for the bucks, of course- hoping to learn humility… and it’s exactly what’s given to me. The event was a very high-class one; I didn’t realize it until I get into the room.
On every single table, there are few spoons and few forks and few knives for a single guest. Oh, and few glasses. And everything is placed in such a way, it's all so neat.

Before we started, we were briefed. And the owner of the restaurant kept reminding us, “All the guests here are VIPs. And the exhibition today is to sell jewelries worth a quarter to half million dollars. These people are rich and high-class people, so you must must must respectable towards them.Half million dollars.. Okay, got that.
Then there's the chef! He’s actually kinda cute -seems like mixed blood of Chinese and French- but he was so smug. He’s a bit pissed off that we didn’t know the name of the dishes.
He mentioned and explained every single name of the dishes, and in the end, he asked us, “Do you understand?” And some of us were nodding. Then he said, “So what’s ((insert a French food name here))?” We all went quiet. He went on, “And you said you understand?!” I thought, oh my God, spare us. I didn’t even ever eat any French food. The only thing I know is caviar (and I only knew it from Titanic. Wait, is that French food?) and I still don’t know what exactly caviar is made of. Would he want to treat me to some French food, so that I’ll remember some names?
Oh, I also remember he said something like, “We’ll be serving canapés.” I didn’t catch it, and I thought, “Canabis?! We’re serving cannabis?!”
Yeah, that’s how silly I was.

And another thing that added to my mental weariness, I met an old friend there. All of the sudden, out of nowhere. Gosh, Singapore sure is small! (Or should I say the world is?) She was my friend back from my elementary school. The thing is, she is the best friend of my nemesis.
By the time she caught a glance of me, her reaction was, “Kok kamu bisa di Singapore?” [“How did you get to Singapore?!”] In Indonesian language (along with the tone of her voice) it’s not the question of HOW did I end up in Singapore, but it’s a question of how did I able to come here. I was like, What? Am I not allowed being here? But my answer was only, “Yes, I’m studying here,” plus a smile that I hope will cover my annoyance.

Probably you think it’s so childish of me being annoyed over such thing. But you have no idea the background between me and her and everyone around us.
What’s more, she kept repeating how-did-you-get-here question every three minutes until our leader separated us and forbade us to talk to each other.

But anyway, all in all, it was a fun and exciting evening. And I went home an hour after midnight, with a higher level of humility, and $56 richer.

I received a newsletter from the official 30 Seconds to Mars' site today (you see, as a devoted fan, it's a must that I'm listed in their newsletter). The announcement was that they're selling this yearbook, and if you pre-order it, you'll get to published yourself in the book. Guess how much the book is?
US$60!! What an exaction!

Anyway, speaking of 30 Seconds to Mars, it reminds me of Jared's coming to Genting. I decided not to go, as much as I want to see him. What's the point? I'll be seeing him there, but he wouldn't even notice me. I see him, he doesn't see me: I can always do that via YouTube.
I'll just wait till I've become a reporter and go interview him. Then I'll get to talk to him face to face, mwhahaha...
For the time being, I better spend my time (on 2nd of August, I mean) go working. Then I'll get some $$$$ *lol*
"I used to think that he's a great man --guess what, I still do"
Soundtrack of the day: White Flag by Dido (in a happy context, please)

Listen to this, this is my horoscope of the day from Friendster:
You're never more happy than when you're needed -- you should be very happy, today!

It's always surprising how the horoscope can SOMETIMES really point out what's going to happen to day. Well, of course, the rest of this horoscope is not as precise as it should be. The later explanation of why I should be happy is completely wrong.. But anyway, what I'm trying to say is, YES, I AM SO VERY HAPPY TODAY! I've told you that these are happiest days in my life, but today, I have particular reasons to be happy; I'm not going to elaborate on them, though :p

Anyway, move on to another topic: After much reminiscing (and few cups of coffee) in the last 25 hours, I've come up with the "insanest" theory:
The problem in this Life is not about it's being fair or unfair, but rather, the problem is us being jealous. Yes, jealousy.When you think that your friend get higher mark than you, and you deserve whole lot better than you get, you think that life is unfair. Well, probably you're just jealous.
When the cute guy over there is paying more attention to the annoying b!#ch across than nice sweety girl over here. And you think life is unfair. Well, guess what, it's probably just jealousy.

Don't you agree?

It's not a bad thing, though.
I've come to believe that jealousy is there to balance our ego, so that we always remember that we're not that great, that there are many other people better, nicer, richer, prettier, etc, than you are.
We can also use it for a better purpose. Ambitious as it may sound, we can use jealousy (with hatred, if you must) as a driving force to reach something you want. Believe me, it works so well..

Now is an excellent time to take stock of where you are -- and where you want to go in one of your personal relationships. Things have been complicated lately, and they need to be addressed. So seek the quieter path right now and give yourself time to replay the events of the past few days in your head. If you are feeling introspective and moody, just go with it -- it's the perfect frame of mind for figuring out what this person really means to you.
Yesterday, I went to National Library with a close friend of mine. I knew right from the start that it's a mistake, because we'll talk a lot and a library isn't a right place to to it. Correct enough, by the time we have seated, we started to giggling away at some pictures in my laptop. My bad (or rather, OUR bad), I have to admit...
And so, a man beside us got so annoyed he scolded us, "Diamlah! Nanti kuhajar kalian!" Yes, he said it in Malay (which surprised me double) which mean, "Shut up! Or I'll beat you up!". I was so startled I only nod my head.
Well, we quickly run away afterwards (move to other place to continue our giggles, that is)

When I was in the bus heading home few hours later, I look around me and all I see was tired faces and short-tempered people (I say so because people who were getting into the bus are pushing each other with annoyed faces and, of course, nobody has even the slightliest smile on his/her face). And I was reminded of the angry man at the library I met earlier; so my mind started to run wild: Is this world so lack of patience these days? Do we really so desperately need more love in this life?
I mean, like the man in the library, he could just tell us to be quiet and we'll understand. Is there any need to be enraged and "beat us up"? (I find his words pretty amusing, actually, but I totally dared not to laugh). But, oh well, what do I know? He probably had a real bad day...

I've heard
quote certain people unquote said, "It's always troublesome when it comes to connecting with people." I cannot emphasize enough how disagree I am with this statement.
Of course it can be very challenging to have contact with many different people in this surprising world, but quoting Jared Leto (the inspiring Jared Leto *lol*): "I’ve had my share of intense experiences with people, but I’m not about to start living my life in a box."
It is true, don't you agree? The more angry people we meet in our everyday life, the more we need to go out there and share the rare love this world need. And perhaps also some extra laughter. To see it in different perspective, it can be an exciting challenge that make our life less dull.