~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

Christmas in Singapore

It's Christmas' season already in Singapore! I love Christmas, it's one of the holidays I love the most. No, wait, it's the only holiday I love.
Anyway, the Christmas ambiance is felt strongly here in Singapore. Most of the shops already have they're Christmas tree installed, and the Christmas decoration can be seen everywhere.

The magnificent thing of all is, you can see all the way from Tanglin road, to Orchard to Dobby Ghout (maybe even further, but I'm not sure), the highways, streets and trees are decorated with lightings and purple snowflakes. Oh, my favorites! Snowflakes and the color purple!
Also, the theme of this Christmas is 'A Fairytale Christmas'; How unique!
I heard Singapore government spent a huge sum of money for the lights: S$80 million, wow!
And, to add the attraction, there is -as usual- end of year sale everywhere :p So, if you live everywhere else, you really should visit Singapore this times of the year.
Click here to read more about Christmas in Singapore, and here about the Christmas lights (alright now, let me make this clear, I'm not the spokesperson of Singapore Tourism Board *lol*).

However, despite of the blings and glitz of it, let's not forget the true meaning of CHRISTmas: it's the birthday of our Lord! Have you prepared a present for Him?


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