~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

It's December, and it's my birthday!

...and it will soon Christmas!

It's my birthday.... and the best one just yet.
Well, it's the same as last year, no mom, no cake, no brother.. But everybody remembers! When I woke up in the morning, I got like, 10 smses. Cool.
Then, the better thing is... when it 12.30 odd am [last night, you can say], I got out from my room and there was my father in the living room. And he said, "hey, it's 12am...happy birthday", he hugged me. I said, "thanks..". Then he said, "I love you...". I was speechless and was close to tears...
And the best thing... I got presents...
From my stepmom, a necklace. I was kinda surprise she gives me a present. I mean, if she knows it's my birthday, that could be because my dad told her. But if she bought me a present, that means she has prepared it..From my dad...a Nokia 6280! Well, at first, my reaction was "a cellphone...ok". But then, I fall so in love with it. It has camera, we can put themes on it, and what I love the most.. is the shape. It's just so cool! I've been wanting to buy a cellphone for so long, but I just couldn't pick the suitable one. Maybe God think "oh come on, pick one quick. Not yet? Ok, here, I'll just give you one" :-D
It's December.... ooh I LOVE December.What's not to love about it? It's rainy season [winter, in some parts of the world], it's going to be Christmas, it's holiday season. And Christina Aguilera said "..everybody's home for Christmas..". Well, not quite EVERYBODY, but at least it's TIME for everybody to come home. And that's exactly what going to happen, all my best friends are going back to our city. There will be sooo much fun. We've been emailing each other, saying: I'm so excited.. I can't wait... I've made a list of what we can do when I'm there..
Talking about my best friends... It's so funny when I think about it, there are four of us, and we are best friends to each other [so doesn't matter if it's only any of the two of us who get together, we'll still enjoy ourselves] and our birthdays are also close to each other [28th&30th Nov, 4th&5th Dec]. So each time, we'll give presents to each other, it's feels like we celebrating Christmas too early *lol*.


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