~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

The mermaid's day

"Ariel pull the prince out of the sea, out of danger, to the beach nearby.
She looks at him, can't believe what she feels when she's looking at this magical being. Something she's never felt for someone she's never met --a creature she's never saw.
A feeling that pulls her heart and her hand to touch this beautiful face.
But when she's only a milimeter away from the prince... "someone's coming! I shouldn't be seen. But my prince..." And with that, Ariel hides herself behind a coral, scared of being seen, but even more scared someone's gonna hurt her prince.
A princess, beautiful and demure, just like Ariel. But she has something that Ariel has not: a pair of legs.
The princess kneel down beside Erick, exactly when he coughs and open his eyes...

The prince never know Ariel was there, that she is the one who has saved him from drowning. Instead, he married the princess, mistaken her for his savior, Ariel..."


Ariel's getting more and more anxious, "Why hasn't he replied my sms?" Suddenly she remembers, "he must be online". She's right, he was waiting her on the chat room.
-Hei, whats wrong? y didnt u replied my sms?
-Hei..yeah,sorry,its my cell. it just wont send any sms.
-Oh? thats weird. have u check the settings?
-Wait...Hei,can u check ur settings for me?
-OK..which one?
-Cell broadcast,is it on or off?
-Ok,nothings wrong then..

Ariel goes silent, she thinks he is already check all the settings, so she doesn't know what to say. Then Erick says:
-Oh,just 4get it. What r u doing?

                                    .......days later.....
-Hey,hows ur cell?
-Oh,its ok now. It turns out to be the msg centres..
-Maybe its changed automatically when I went to sg.
-I c... How did u find out it was the msg centres?
-Vanessa told me,when we were playing bowling together I asked her bout it. And she fixed it for me :)

Ariel's heart sank.
The msg centres? What did she told Erick? The settings! And she meant EVERYTHING in the settings... :'(
Ariel really wishes that she was there that time. She could've fixed it for him. She...doesn't know what to say...or what to feel anymore.
Oh, gosh!


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