~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

The groove

"It's always good to see people who are.... aspirational," she said as she closed the conversation.

Image of God

"...if man is made in the image of his god, and man is a corrupt entity
- wouldn’t it stand to reason that god is a corrupt entity?"

Why are we trying to save the world?
What has the world done for us, except hates us.

-Inspired by Harley Quinn and her love for Puddin'

Lessons today

"Being nice is not something to do."

"It's better to be the enemy of a good person,
than to be a friend of a bad one.


A weekend well-spent

I think I've never written anything about my travels. I need to make it a habit so I can have written memories about the interesting things in my life.

So, first ever travel journal: Jakarta.
I haven't been there since forever. I can't even remember since when... Was it 2007 or 2008, or after that. 
Didn't really want to ever visit Jakarta because the traffic is traumatic. 
But a close friend is getting married so we have a excuse reason to go. 

I have to say this time the experience has been much better.
Jakarta is kinder to me this time.
  • There was less traffic. 
It helps, of course, that I arrived at 11 pm on Friday and went to the airport on 3 pm on Monday. And I was late meeting people most of the time, but hey, at least I got to meet them on the same day instead of the next day!
  • Uber ist gut
Seriously. It's much better than taking Taxi. It comes immediately, and it's dirt cheap. I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Partying, partying, hey!
Got to go some fancy places in Jakarta, like the Cloud Lounge. The place is meh, but what's good is I got to meet some old friends (and new)! The rare kind souls that I was lucky enough to befriend.

And not forgetting the best thing about visiting Indonesia: FOOD

 Bebek goreng and nasi bakar.


Mi kepiting, sate babi, crab noodle, pork satayChurros in Jakarta
Mi kepiting, sate babi, churros + Spanish coffee.
Gado-gadoSiomay Bandung
Gado-gado, and siomay Bandung.

And a lot more, but too many to list here. 
I might not be back to Jakarta any time soon, but now I have a better memory of this crowded city.

Next stop: Phuket!