~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard


Noah movie posterJust watched the movie Noah yesterday.
If you haven't heard, the movie is banned in a number of countries due to various controversies. And it merely gets 6.4 in IMDB.

I think it's not fair.

Just like any other movie that's created from a book, naturally the book readers will scrutinise it. As a book reader myself, I hate it that Noah doesn't follow the original story. But what original story is there? Just a really short story about a guy that built a ship on a hill and brought a bunch of animals with him to save them from a big flood. Aronofsky tries to tell the story in deeper details, bringing up the characters through emotions we can relate. But people, sadly some of them are the compassionate Christians, do not understand his efforts.

But I understand Darren Aronofsky.

His movies are like onion; each of them has so many layers that we have to peel them step by step.

From Requiem for A Dream, Pi, The Fountain, to Black Swan, people must look past the surface to understand the core of the stories. Every time I watch his movies, I see and feel something new. I understand what he's always trying to say through his movies. Love is not always easy, faith is even more difficult. Life is, most of the time, dark.

While I'm still upset with many details he adds in (um, do we always have to have villains?), I'm at awe with the details he presents that we never saw (or choose to ignore) before in the story.

The struggle of a man acting on faith alone, when noone else -even at time, his family- agree with him. How does it feel to be the only man in the whole world that knows exactly what disaster is coming?
The emotional journey of a wife supporting her husband's questionable decisions. A mother's worry for her children when there's nothing to expect for the future.
Children's frustration when the optimism of their youth is not met with equally bright future.

Regardless of the ridiculous epicness of the movie that is not necessary, I'd still recommend this movie to any one. Regardsless its inconsistency in accordance to the original book, I still respect the movie-making skills and how it captures the essence of the story. And that is all that matters, really, understanding the message behind the story.

Noah's family