~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

!! and ??

There are some kind of people who don't know the difference between an exclamation mark and a question mark.
She is the kind of person who doesn't know the difference between an exclamation mark and a question mark.

And the boys love it.

There's this girl who has been flirting with my bf. That doesn't even bother me. At first.
But theeeen.. she really likes to teach me how to use English. Correcting my sentences and all. I mean, excuse me ma'am, I'm the one who spent 3 years of formal education of Mass Communication and I'm not the one who speaks the hybrid of Engrin (English-Mandarin).
The funny thing is, THAT makes my bf interested in her. Every time she rephrases my sentence, he'd just jump in and express how correct she is. Even my bestie's bf is always all over her that way.
I feel like.... -- nvm, not even important. I'm just amazed every time --THIS is the kind of girls that guys go for?Dumb and bossy; and 'talkative' is an understatement.
Oh sure, she does it in a cutesy, cutesy way. Battling eyelashes laden with mascara, pouting lips you can't kiss cos of thick lip gloss. But, really guys?


Just realized that in the working world, being bossy means you'll be promoted as manager very soon.

Damn, dad, why did you have to teach me to be obedient whole my life. Now I have difficulty ordering people around. And in my boss' eyes, I'm "not a manager material. I know one when I see one."

So for kids out there, if you want to be manager very fast, (here in Singapore, anyway) please cultivate your bossiness as early in your life as possible.