~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

The case of :
- Evil twin?
- Bawang Putih/Bawang merah?
- White Swan/Black Swan?
- Hallucination?
- Photoshop?

Some don't remember, most don't even know:
I'm a feminist.
Here's a lesson that I learnt: As soon as a guy (bf/husband/spouse of any kind) puts you below his friends, drop him and move on.
Drop him like a fungi-infested bread that you almost bite.

If he puts you below his god, god of any kind, it's good.
If he puts you below his family, it's even better.
But if he puts you below his friends.. run as fast as you can. You're better than that.
If he puts you below his work.. are you kidding me?! Do you even have to ask that?

Love is a leap of faith?

I'm sorry, I'm afraid to fall.
I don't want to be a fool.

Black Swan

So, even though I spent my Valentine's Day as a single (only on that day, ok), I had a lot of fun. Yes, I'm that kind of person that like to celebrate days, unlike some people.
Started the Day of Love suck-ily, including bashing someone at the Ministry of Manpower, but I had fun nevertheless.

Went out with my friends to watch the long-awaited movie, Black Swan. Yep, the one by Darren Aronofsky and with Natalie Portman in it. First got mixed between The Cathay and Cathay Cineplex of Singapore (as I always do. Sorry, guys), but we made it to the right cinema, and thus to the movie, just in time.

It's a dark movie.
That's what can be said about it in short. If you're suicidal, please don't watch the movie.
Oh well, seems like that's the only thing you can expect from a director that made Requiem for a Dream.

It's a mysterious movie even the way it's produced. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been a movie enthusiast whole my life, and I haven't encountered a movie that has 7 different promotional posters that are equally distributed and only 2 stated the name of the director. Isn't it funny that he prefers to be known as 'the director of The Westler' rather than 'Darren Aronofsky'?
And most of them are in the color of black, red, and white.
To my fellow conspiracy theorists, you must know what it means.

For my fellow movie enthusiasts, esp. those who already watched the movie, don't you find it odd that Natalie Portman should play such character? When I got the ticket, I noticed that they printed M18 hugely. When I watch the movie, I thought it's only appropriate. If you're underage, going with a children, or a sex addict, please don't watch the movie.

But I love it.
To be honest, the only other movie I've seen by Aronofsky is Requiem (cos there's Jared Leto in it! *promotion*).
I think I should go watch The Fountain and The Westler now.
But from both movies, I can already draw the distinct styles of the director.

The camera panning, the switching between scenes, the lighting, the synchronization of the visual and the audio, and smooth blend between real shots and CGI.
And the music. Both Requiem and Black Swan had taken the famous music from legendary composers. In this particular movie, the original music from Tchaikovsky was "played backwards and in a distorted manner".
How cool is that.
The soundtracks of the movie stuck in my head long after I went back home, esp. the last scene where Nina performed as the Black Swan. And I don't usually remember musics. It's just all brilliant.

Cinematography aside, the story talks about ambition, obsession, and control, both to ourselves and to other people. It reminds us, everything that's excessive is not good.
There's also the play on mirrors. Mirrors seldom fail in spooking people up, but Aronofsky takes it to the next level.
Then there's the acting and the dancing. Gosh, I forgot how much I loved ballet. Natalie Portman is not only admirable as an actress, but also as a ballerina. Watching her as Nina, one can really see how dedicated she was for the movie. I shall not say further, lest I ruin the movie for you.
Oh yeah, you really should go and watch the movie. Esp. guys, you don't want to miss out the kissing scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

"I was perfect."

730th day

"I want you to know that no matter what happens between us in the future, I’ll always look back and fall in love all over again with you."

My favorite love songs of all time

-:Y- Hear-melting -Y:-
Christina Aguilera: Without You, Bound to You.
Robbie William: Angels.
Westlife: Every Little Thing You Do, Close, In This Life, That's Where You Find Love.

-:Y- Fun -:Y-
Boyzone: All That I Need
Taylor Swift: Hey Stephen, Mine.


An inception of an idea

Had a chat with one of my close friends today. I don’t know what got into him when he suddenly said, “How about you created a blog that completely dedicated to write about your boyfriend alone?” My first reaction was, “Are you crazy?” cos the sweet things that I wrote about my bf in my private diary will surely make even Shakespeare blushes and the bad things I wrote about him would make him enrage. Besides, I already have ten blogs under me (literally, which half of them I never updated anymore).

However, after one, two blank blinks, I actually think it’s a good idea. It would be a memento, a white board, and a decoder at the same time. A memento for myself, that decades from now, I’ll be able to look back and remember how much I’ve been loved and how much I’ve loved. A white board for other girls out there, to learn from my love story and decide for themselves, what kind of guy they should choose to accompany them in their life journey. A decoder for guys who keeps saying that girls are difficult to understand, so by reading my blog, they’ll see a relationship from a girl’s perspective.

So I’ve been thinking about it all the way home from my campus. I decided that I’d titled it Journey on Mars. No, not a plagiarism from 30 Seconds to Mars, although they are an inspiration. I just don’t want the title to be mushy like The Love of My Life or random like the one my friend recommended: Zee Zho Zhall Zot Ze Zamed (from He-Who-Shall-Not-be-Named). Just something easy to remember, artistic, and represent the purpose of the blog.

So.. look out. The Journey will start anytime soon. Thanks, kid, sometimes you’re quite inspirational too (translation: kadang2 loe pinter jg yah).

Hot and cold

Really, honestly, truly? There are only two things I want to see before I die, and they're the opposite of one another. Two of the most magnificent things on earth. One is of nature, one is of mankind. Both are mysterious. Both are my absolute favorite things on earth, yet I haven't seen both for real.

When I was younger, I had this friend whom I made scrapbook with. And in the book, we called ourselves 'winter girl' and 'summer girl' :D Guess which one am I? ;)