~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Old sayings are always proven true. Well, they survived the corrosion of time precisely because they are accurate most of the time (always, in this case). You can always see which one are the true friends, not fake ones, when you're starting to show the darker side of you and your life.
Sadly, I don't have that many true friends. Luckily, I have few.

It's good to know that those few always stand by me. Even when I'm being difficult and mysterious, complicated and annoying. They're not exactly helping by giving what I need, but they're here, lending listening ears and giving a pat on the back. And some of them even really spend their time trying to help. What wonderful people *hearts*

But like any other things, when you have the good ones, you'll get the bad ones.
There are two kinds of rotten ones that I'm meeting right now: fakers and backstabbers.
One is always so nice and sweet in front of you, give you compliment how beautiful/smart/interesting/etc you are. Tell you that they're so sad that you're sad, blablabla. BUT THEN, behind your back, across the counter, behind closed doors, they'll start spreading gossips that YOU are the untrustworthy one. Geez..stop being fake. What do you gain from it? Definitely not respect. And please, quit dragging the name of GOD around..
Then there's this other kind who likes to give hinted insults. What the heck is wrong with you? If you don't like me, just go away. I won't care. I won't even realize.
You don't understand: Why do I like my guy? Why do I stay with him? Why do I look sad all the time? Why do I? Why am I? Why not this? Why? Why?
'Cause you don't know what I know >>
There's no Prince Charming or knight in shining armor, but the Princesses in my fairytale can all fight for themselves.
" 'Cos your greed sold me out of shame.."
--Christina A.
what a pathetic person he who thinks money can buy everything
equally sad, if not sadder, he who thinks money can give him rights to do everything
I'm not a princess. This isn't a fairytale..
- Swift

I've heard it few times (just a few times, cos I'm not as strikingly beautiful as I want to) in my life: You're so pretty, you'll go far in your life.
Not always the exact same words, but there's this same message: Your pretty face will get you somewhere far.
Well, that's rather irrelevant, isn't it? Can anyone be success just because of her face --in its literal meaning?
You can always hurt yourself in silence.

Just a random thought that crossed through my mind this morning as I listened to the lecture of "the uses of money" (or something like that. Do we really need a teaching on that?).

1. Being in silence for too long can hurt you.
Everybody knows: loneliness kills. Now, don't confuse 'alone' with 'lonely'. Being in silence definitely talks about being lonely, not about being on your own. So, DO NOT GET ACQUAINTED FOR TOO LONG WITH SILENCE.

2. Hurt yourself (only) when noone is looking.
This is the ironic side of the theory --and the one that I first thought of. I know certain angry people that "release" their anger by hurting themselves.. in front of everyone. So that everyone would know how angry hurting s/he is.
But the saddest of all is those who are hurting themselves behind everyone's back.
They look so alright on the outside; nobody could even guess something wrong is going on. But they are hurting themselves, mentally or physically, or both.. when noone's looking.