~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

"I keep you with me in my heart,
You make it easier when life gets hard.
Every time we say goodbye, I wish we had one more kiss.."
"Great things are difficult to do, to create.
But they are worth it."
Soundtrack of the day: Every Little Thing You Do by Westlife

Bolt: Am I missing anything, Rhino?
: Just the knowledge that every minute spent in your company becomes the new greatest minute of my life!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Hope everyone had a good one (if not great!)
I sure did have a great one ^^
Gosh! I still can't believe it!
Remember the guy I told you about? Well, he told me that he likes me, 4 days ago!
It's a long exciting memorable lovely story, but I don't want to tell it here :p Let it be a private one.
It's insane... It's another dream comes true... He actually likes me back, can you believe it?! So yeah, yesterday we spent the Love Day together.

It's a great feeling, being loved is. Like a Westlife's song says: I never knew that love could felt so good.. It's been so long that I was made to believe that I don't deserve to be loved. And now, here's an angel comes along and confessed he adores me.
So, here's something for everyone out there: NEVER EVER believe if someone told you you are not good (or pretty or rich or whatever) enough to be loved. Give that person a slap on the face and just leave --even if it's your own mom who told you that
(okay, I don't really mean 'slap' slap, but you know, just ignore those kind of nasty sayings).
After so long, now I understand the concept of being loved. It's great; it's not only making me ready to love back, to love more, and to forgive. That's right, to forgive.
Love needs no reason. Look around and think about it. Have you seen someone who's "not pretty" but is happily married? Have you seen a disabled child, but still loved by his/her parents? There are so many proofs that love is unreasonable (needs no reason, I mean :p).

Of course, I'm aware that who knows how long this will last? Honestly, I'm pessimistic. He needs to do his things after graduation, and me, mine. But let's not care about that now. At the moment, let's just feel what we feel...
It doesn't matter what future brings.
Just enjoy what we have and do our best.

Then one day we'll look back without regret for we know that we've cherished what we had.
"I'm just broke, not broken."

Another trough in my life... It's a long story, I don't even want to talk about it *wave hand*
But every time I want to give up, every time I think 'I can't take this anymore..' the Archer in me always rise and say 'It's okay. We're going to get through this. Let's aim high and we'll reach there. You and me, together.' Yup, just her and me, no one else. Cos everybody else leaves. Well, everyone but one: My Lord.

"They still can't hold us down, Adeline!"

Yesterday, I had to go accompany a friend slash "colleague" in the search of sponsors for our upcoming Indonesian Students event. While we're in the bus, he asked me where I come from, then I said Batam Island. Then he asked me where my senior high school was, I said in Batam Island. He reacted, "No, I mean, the name of the high school." I replied, "Yos sudarso." And he gave me an astonished look. He's from Jakarta, but he happens to know a lot of the island I come from. For your information, Yos Sudarso is an ordinary high school. It was once the highest-ranking high school in Batam, but still, it's the ordinary one. Not the type of school for the rich guys or anything.
Then this friend of mine said: You're not from some international school?
I said, "Nope." Again, the astonished look.
It happened before --so many times before.

Once, it was my English teacher (the current one). She thought I was from Jakarta or another big city and/or had study in International school, cos -she thinks- I speak English so fluently (which I seriously don't think so).
Another time was my other friend. He thought I must've studied in another COUNTRY before. Not only cos of my English, but also cos of my way of thinking.

Well, those things confuse me.
It's always amazed me that the fact amazes people: that this "island girl" is whole lot more than just an island girl.
'What's with "island girl"?' You might wonder. In Indonesian language (or is it the culture?) it doesn't mean so nice, its connotative with negative meaning.

But it's okay, it's quite flattering anyway. Here's "island girl" that breaks all the definition of the term ^^

Welcome to the universe.