~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

What it means to love someone~

When you love someone...
...you want him to be happy, whatever it means.
...you want to be a better person because of and for him.

Xiaoyu'er, Murong Xian
Guess what, he dropped by and viewed my Friendster page! One thing I never imagine he would do -not after what have happened between us. But he did! I was so pleasantly surprised, I took a screenshot of my Friendster's Who Viewed Me page :p
I never admit it to anyone, but I do miss him - as a FRIEND. We used to hang out together, and I miss those times. Maybe he misses them too? Maybe -I almost dare not to think about it- he misses me??

Like the song says:
Have you ever stayed up waiting for a telephone call, just to hear her say hello cause you miss each other's soul?
But I'm not sure about the 'each other' part, maybe it's just me missing him.

Yes, I miss his "soul". How he never failed to give me a sense of security whenever I'm with him. But, I barely knew this, he always feel insecure whenever he's with me. How sad, and how pathetic I am. I push away the only guy I want to be close to. And he never realize how much he means to me, how he's so great in my eyes.
And now that I really think about it, he WAS and IS the best guy I've ever known :'( I miss him.
I always praise parents because of their child,
and not the child because of their parents.