~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

The dark cloud places a piece of shadow in our hearts
I listen respectfully to my mood,
which has already been quiet for a long time
Clear and transparent
Just like the beautiful scenery
It's always only clear when seeing it in my memory
Can the heart, that has been thoroughly hurt, still continue to love me?
I make an effort to pull up the pair of hands that have no warmth
The tenderness in the past has already been locked by time
Only leaving sadness that doesn't go away
The maple leaves slowly falling down are like thoughts
I light a candle to warm up the end of autumn
The northern lights plunder the edge of the sky
The northern wind brushes past the expressions of missing you
I take love and burn it into fallen leaves
Yet I can't get back that familiar face
The maple leaves slowly falling down are like thoughts
Why must retrieving be hurried before winter comes?
Loving you passing through time
Two rows of tears from the end of autumn
Let love permeate through the ground
All I want is you to be by my side
The graceful red rain in between the mountainside
Withering with the north wind
I lightly swing the wind chimesI want
To awaken the love that has been deserted
Snowflakes are already spread all over the ground
Deeply scared that the maple leaves outside the window have already become frozen

song by Jay Chou

30STM- "Edge of The Earth" on The Late Late Show

So we all know that 30 Seconds to Mars always did a marvelous live shows. But this one is one of my favourites:  Edge of the Earth @The Late Late Show!

N.B.: Check out Jared's guitar --it's the Pythagoras!

"There's nothing better than a good lie.."

Mood: Angry
Soundtrack: Evanescene, "Everybody's Fool"

There are more lies than broken promises.

There are more lies around you than you realize.
The promises of love, of parent's love, of best friends',
the promises of shoulder you can cry on, of helping hands, of anything on earth.
It's all lies.
Where are they when your world's falling apart?
Where are they when you're trying so hard picking up your shattered dream?
When you bleed by crystallized tears?
Keeping their own world and dreams safe. Away from you.

They break your heart with their lies,
stomp on it with their indifference,
throw it away and laugh away.
Then they're condemn you for not having a heart?!

Another story of love

Well, I stumbled onto this video of Lindsay Lohan's 'Over', and I almost cry when I watch it. Nope, not exactly because of the touching story the video clip tells, but because of how resemble it is to the story I have in my head for so many years! -- I even already have the name and the background for each character! *shudder with excitement*

Yeah, it is my bad that I've never wrote the story down. Well, not yet. I currently have two other stories I need to write down. Grrr, I have so many stories in my head that I just couldn't write onto words.