~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

"I have two fathers..."

"I live with my godfather. Nothing special about him. He's just like any other fathers. Sometimes, he even treat me bad.
But I don't care. I have a real father, who loves me so much, and gives me everything I want [good things of couse]. My real father lives far away from me. We have never meet each other since a long time ago. But we talk sometimes. The sad thing is, he seems to be very busy lately. I call him many times everyday, but he didn't answer. Well, not yet. I'm sure he will call me soon.

My real father has promised me one thing: One day, he will come and take me home. My real home, home where I live so many years ago, where there is no tears and pain. I wish I can go there soon. To the home where I can live with my real father.

P.S.: Father, I miss you. Call me soon, would you?"

Xin Tu by Dicky Cheung Wei Jian (信徒 - 張衛健)

One of my favourite songs of all time, this song never failed to get me carried away. It's deep in meaning; just wanna share it with other philosophers of love out there. The translation is by me, so I'm so sorry if it's doesn't quite literal (that's not the point of a poem, right?).
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Xin Tu - Believer

Zhi dao ni shen me hua dou bu shuo / Lian jin you de lei dou ren zhu
There's not a word comes out from your mouth. There are tears being held up inside.
Wo cai zhi dao pei zhe ni shang lu / Kuai le bu shi wei yi ren wu
I just realized, accompanying you in this journey, is not about gaining happines.
Zhi dao wo shi xian kai shi mo hu / Er ni que man lian bu zai hu
My sight has started to become blurry, but still, you're not showing any emotion.
Wo cai ming bai xue hui bian fa shu / Ye hui bu dao zui chu
I've just understand that even though I learn to do magic, I still can't change the past.

*Yi bian ai, yi bian zou

One side is love, the other side is leaving.
Wo yi jing cheng wei ni xin tu / Xiang xin, jin dao shen chu bu pa gu du
I've become your disciple, believing that a deep love afraid not of loneliness.

#Ru guo wo men bu ceng kan guo dui fang zen me ku
If we've never seen our consort hurting.
Ru he zhi dao kuai le yi zhuan shen jiu shi tong ku
How do we know that on the other side of love coin is suffering.
Xiang bu dao ni jue wang de lei shui / Yi cha na rang wo da che da wu
I've never thought that your tears of disappoinment, would bring me to my senses.
Ru guo wo men bu ceng zou guo gan qing zhe tiao lu
If we've never walked down this road of passion.
Ru he zhi dao xin mo shi zui chen zhong de bao fu
How do we know that the inner evil is our heaviest burden.
Nian shao qing kuang de hao ri zi / Yi dong shi jiu jie shu#
The good days of our youth, is over once we start to understand.

Zhi dao wo men dou bu yuan hui gu / Lian jin you de hen dou ma mu
Neither of us want to look back, all the hatred inside has been numbed.
Wo cai zhi dao gai chong xin shang lu / Jie shou ming yun de xin ren wu
I've just realized, to start over is to accept Fate's new task.
Zhi dao wo men dou bian de mo hu / Ye hao bu zai hu ying he shu
Our minds have become clouded, and we no longer care of winning or losing.
Wo cai ming bai gan qing de fa shu / Bu shi wei le zheng fu
I've just understand, the magic of love is not about conquering.

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I don't remember anymore, how long have it been
The last time I heard you talked about your favorite fairy tale
I'm thinking hard, I'm starting to forget
Have I done you any wrong?
While crying you told me, fairy tales are all lies
There's no way I'm your prince charming
Probably you just don't understand
The moment you tell me you love me
All the stars in my world are sparkling
I will, I can, and I want to be the angel
that you love from the fairy tales
Spread my arms turn to wings to protect you
You have to believe, believe that what we have
can be like fairy tales
Happy ever after is the end of us
Together will we write our 'The End'
-Translated from Tong Hua by Guang Liang