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Interview with a banshee

I guess if you go to enough job interviews, you're bound to meet some strange people.

I went to my hundredth interview today (nah..not really; I've stopped counting after 80). Going to an interview is scary enough, yes? Trying to scram all the information on the company and great answers into your head. Well, imagine coming to an interview not knowing anything about the company cos you can't find any information in Google, and not knowing even who send you the email (whether it's a he or she) as the person did not even have the courtesy to tell you his/her name.

Actually, I did find some things about the company that can't help me with the interview: an abandoned website, a website on a free platform, another useless websitea blog entry saying how horrible the company is, and an MOM article mentioning salary payment problem. WHOA.. should I still go to the interview? Do I really want to join this company?

Well, I'm desperate and it doesn't feel right refusing a job interview invitation. Besides, the company has great location in International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar. On level 24, no less. So to International Plaza level 24 I went this morning.

I arrived 9.55 am, 5 minutes earlier that asked. But 10 seconds before me, there's another guy just stepped into the office. I saw the guy rang the bell and stepped into the office before I realise it's the same office I need to get into. So I reached the door as it was closing. I had to ring the bell again. The secretary (let's just call her the secretary) asked me to sit down and went to tell the boss. As I sat down, I heard the boss scolded the secretary "DID YOU OPEN THE DOOR?" That's when I figured the boss is a female.
Secretary: *assumed nod here*
*secretary explaining the situation*

There are a few things that are wrong here. FirstI can hear the secretary talking from the seating area near the front door (like 5-6 m away from the boss' office) and the boss can't? Second, do you have to scold your employee 10 am in a Monday morning? Third, the boss scheduled another meeting at the same time as my interview timing? I don't appreciate that.

What I appreciate even less? The guy was allowed to meet her first. Probably he's bringing business while I'm only bringing a potential employee *sarcasm sign*. And so I wasted about 30-40 minutes waiting for my turn.

When I finally met the boss, she did not so much introduce herself nor offer a handshake nor ask me to sit down. Just went to the questions straight away. All the while I was answering, she's doing something with her phone and PC. Ok, multitasking busy businesswoman, I get it. But the total turn-off was when I asked her "May I know how many team members in this office?" She's looking at me as if she doesn't understand the question. So I said, "Um, employees?" Then she snapped me, "What does it have to do with anything?!" What does it have to do with anything? Well, let's see, I want to know about the company I will work for; how many colleagues I will work with. MOM will want to know if the company has enough quota for SPass. So what does it have to do with anything? Nothing, just everything.
I was so shocked I managed only to say, "Well, I'm curious about your company." She cut me off again, "Well, I'm curious about YOU, so tell me about YOURSELF." GREAT human relations.

The interview lasted literally 5 minutes with the boss implying she doesn't have any other questions until I send her my portfolio (articles I wrote).

While I was walking out of the office, I remember I don't even know her name. So as the secretary approached me, I ask her whether there is any namecard I can have. The secretary went back to her office, asking the same thing.. and she just looked at her secretary with this killing look. I was stepping inside the office again, to answer for anything myself, but the secretary turn around and said "Sorry, so sorry.." along with a gesture escorting me outside. Then I said "None, then?" but she just keeps saying "Sorry, sorry." Wth?

Funnily, I feel better about myself after I talk to her. I am a better person than her, after all. At least I have basic human interaction skills, and I try my best at any time to make people good about themselves.

I wonder why these kind of people can have their own company? How? Well, assuming it's her company. I can't know, I don't have her namecard.

I don't usually mention names in my blog to protect both the guilty or the innocent. But in the spirit to protect all the innocent job-seekers out there, please take note (if you haven't figured it out from the links yet) the company is
Formula 1 Furniche Pte Ltd
If working for a female with strong personalities suits you, you can send your resume to wsheraton@gmail.com.


I promise the boss that I will send her my portfolio. So I did along with an email telling her that I'm not interested in joining the company anymore. I still tried to be as polite as possible:

I got the name of the boss "Ms. Shalini K. Sharma"  after further searching old files in Google. Then this is what I got. I assume I wasn't communicating with the boss, then, as the email was signed as 'Jim':

I was so upset I sent her back:

I should've just addressed "Dear Jim/Sharlini/whoever the hell this is". If they replied with anymore rudeness, I swear I'm suing someone.


Hi, I am hoping you're still active in this blog. I do have several questions to ask about this company. As I'm in the process of interviewing with them.

Would appreciate it if you would email me at Azalea.salim@gmail.con

Thank you.


I read abt the negative comment of this Formula 1 Furniche pte ltd thru bloggers.Even though I really curious to know abt this lady (wsheraton@gmail.com), with my courage and eager, I went for the interview.She looks pretty but in the other hand, her evil temper makes me feel horrible the whole afternoon.Done with the filling of form..I directly ask her when the interview will be held..out of the blue ..she screamed at me n tored the form.I shocked and she ask me leave the place.She even cursed me and said I will not get any job...huhhh...I feel humilated. Thats my experienced.For those out there...dont waste yr time with this evil lady...


I read abt the negative comment of this Formula 1 Furniche pte ltd thru bloggers.Even though I really curious to know abt this lady (wsheraton@gmail.com), with my courage and eager, I went for the interview.She looks pretty but in the other hand, her evil temper makes me feel horrible the whole afternoon.Done with the filling of form..I directly ask her when the interview will be held..out of the blue ..she screamed at me n tored the form.I shocked and she ask me leave the place.She even cursed me and said I will not get any job...huhhh...I feel humilated. Thats my experienced.For those out there...dont waste yr time with this evil lady...


Hi i have started working for this company.. regretted as i did not do any research prior to the interview. And i have even signed an unfair contract due to not knowing any details about contract staff. I have just started working for one week now and i dont know how to resign as my contract is for 3 months, and i have to give 7 weeks notice for resignation. I did not know that other companies do not practice this. Any idea what i can do?


Thank god i found this blog! I went for an interview with this company just last friday. I did not see anything horrible, and i was offered a positiin there (full time). I thought it was weird that there was no discussion on salary, working hours etc. She simply told me 'ok, see you on tuesday'. When i asked about the hours and salary, it was obvious she wanted to quickly dismiss me.
Now i know... i am supposed to start work tomorrow!


as i did not attend the job without any notice, they send me a compensation letter of 10k and wanted me to pay. such a unreasonable contract. anyway,how ols are you


Omg, I just checked this again. I didn't realize that this company has so many victims. Guys, make sure you tell everyone about this company and your experience. Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it. If anyone needs to ask me something, you can reach me quickly through @valinka in Twitter. Thanks for reading my blog!


Hi valinka, I just went for an interview last week. If she's gonna offer me the job I would gladly reject her.

When she called me, she told me that I was chosen for the interview and verbally tell me the time and venue. I told her that I do not have a pen and if she's able to email me the interview confirmation (btw, there is always an email confirmation when company calls u up for interview), she tell me just make a note somewhere and is very easy to rmb. So i thought to myself, maybe she's trying to test me since im going for a PA position.

Before I went for the interview, I was trying to google more about this company but I couldn't find it as the company was stated 'F1F Pte Ltd'. Therefore, I went unprepared.

When I was there, I introduced myself and quickly she ask lots of question about my current job etc. The weirdest thing she asked was to give my CURRENT EMPLOYER contact number for her to call them for reference but I told her straight that i cant give it to her unless she hire me. I can't let my employer know that I'm looking for other jobs outside right? Does that make sense?

Anyway, after the interview end, I realised I don't have her name so I went to google her company name which I saw in the office directory. I actually found your blog which I'm glad I did because there is something really weird about her.. thr vibe she given me just makes me feel "unsafe". Luckily she did not went into mental state giving me a hard time during interview.

Good luck to those who are in the company or looking forward to be in it.

Best wishes!


Her name is Shalini K. Sharma. She even has her own website: http://www.shalinikamalsharma.com/ [I think this is new, as I couldn't find it when I went for the interview].

If you have a blog or Twitter, you've got to post about this company to warn people. Best of luck for you finding a job!


hey i was one of her victim i work with her just for one day and my friend told me to just fuck off from there cause one of my friend sister she is being mistreated and this case is already been lodge to the mom and police she also even work for one day and they send a compensation letter for 10k. she also send me a email i dont know who but her HR with name of Jason i was told to pay $5600 because i didnt serve my notice. ya she evil i was not even allowed to use any phone call or charge my phone.


Formula 1 Furniche Pte Ltd , Working With a Banshee Bitch.
I had a bad experience and regretted of working with Sharlini K Sharma i finally found her name HAHA thanks google! I just work with her for one day as PERSONAL ASSISTANT , business buddy. But she didn't treat me like one. Ive already sign the unreasonable contract with this Sharlini. I left the job due to a reason my friend sister ever work with her and she having a bad experience of being mistreated in her workplace. And this thing has be already lodge to police case and even reported to Ministry of Manpower. My friend sister received a compensation letter of 10k and wanted her to pay because she did not serve notice. My actual reason to refrained myself due of uncomfortable working with her and secondly because my friend is trying to save myself from her. I even google regarding about this company OHMYGUCCI! its just so bad reviews about her and the company. so many innocent people who having a bad experience like i do. Before i left i told her one of my family member as passed on and i wanted to resign but i didn't tell her that i was uncomfortable working with her. And her HR the name of Jason he was being told by this SHARLINI just to give me a compassionate leave and serve my notice if i wish to resign. OH WAIT DOES SHE EVEN HAVE A HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT ? BECAUSE FROM WHAT I KNOW SHE ONLY HAVE ONE SMALL PRIVATE COMPANY ONLY LOCATED AT INTERNATIONAL PLAZA. or she using a fake account to chase people for money ? I didn't turn up for work because i find it tremendously ridiculous that i just work with her for one day and work with extra two hours and some of my friends told me within 24hr even i have already sign a contract i have nothing to worried about resigning. So after a month this 'Jason' hr@formula1furniche.co (email) send me an email and ask me to pay $5600 because i did not serve my notice and i don't provided and certificate of my claims. why after a month he notify me with this and wanted to press charge on me if i don't pay. what should i do ? i have already prepare to lodge a complaints or i can even sue them for forcing people to pay with the unreasonable contract. this far by ridiculous man! never work with this evil women. i pity the old lady who work with her now she suffer so much working with her for 2 - 3 years and got scared of her. Mind you all i had no problem working with my previous company even i enjoyed working there with the bosses and good colleagues for nearly 3 years plus it just that i need find a job with a better prospect. only this the bad experience in my working life. take note people never worked with SHARLINI K SHARMA @ FORMULA ONE FURNICHE PTE LTD!!!!


Thanks for sharing your experience! Good to know that somebody took an action against her and reported to MOM. I remember the old lady. She's still there?? That's..admirable. Maybe she's been threatened too so she can't leave.


Hey ! if we all could take this part and report this company to Ministry of Manpower that would be great. in Singapore don't allowed such management who can't even respect his/her employees . At least we can save that aunty also. I pity her condition. Anybody with me ? Yea she still there!! We share our experience and self thought regarding about the company and the managing director sharlini k sharma


OMG! guys! she yet to pay me yet and i regret for helping her. The aunty is having a miserable life there.We need to help her also. is she really the managing director?


anybody is still working with now ? yes she is the managing director


is the company still running? I need to collect payments from her. But she is not giving!



I hv same experience w u guys. She is Idiots.. scolded me for asking back my contract n waste her time. If she so clever do it herself... Don't hire people ... Waiting for her retribution.


Hi guys please TAKE NOTE.

They are currently moving to SHENTON TOWER #08-08.

Please boycott this company and let them learn how to treat ppl properly!


Hi guys please TAKE NOTE.

They are currently moving to SHENTON HOUSE* #08-08.

Please boycott this company and let them learn how to treat ppl properly!


Hi guys! I was also a victim with this company! Waaaayyyy back 2 yrs plus ago! Im surprised to see that MOM still have not done anything against her! Well, it really started as the same with everyone here.. I got in then I realised it was hell! I was there for 4 days and then could not take it... she will purposely let you do things or run errands right before you knock off work and EXPECT you to call her before leaving! Cut story short, she sent me an email demanding for 10K for not serving what I thought a 24hr notice but the print was too small that I saw a 3 months notice!! Went to MOM, no help.. coz I signed on a contract! Explained to MOM that her tactics of being unruly and such a bitch that make me leave! In the end I had to settle 6K plus with her! I PAID HER 6K! Such a Motherf862ker! I wonder what is MOM doing with all these mistreatment and I heard before i left sge did not pay salary and few part-timers salary as well! I guess she is a businesswoman alright! A businesswoman who cheats everyone our money! She is not local coz im sure she is from India(no offence on this note that she is probably not local)... i think she is cheating people with her contracts and then be a bitch so people will leave and pay her up(unfortunately i paid her my 4 days work) i just saw her leaving to India today on Air India! Hope she gets rape back home!

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This is ridiculous!!! She is a bitch!!! Gonna MOM tomorrow to lodge a report.Not only that i do have police report with me too! Shes damn idiot!


Hi..can i ask what did u do in the end?


Hi..do u guys have the copy of the contract? If u do pls reach me at my email sitif1984@gmail.com
thx. I have a similar situation and need to do something about it.


Hi, did you pay in the end? What happened after?


Unfortunately, she would not wanna give that copy.. In fact, at MOM, I asked to look at the contract but she reluctant not until the Counsellor told her to do so! Even so, I had a glanced of only less than 15 sec then she asked me 'Are you done?' And snatched it away! The MOM guy just looked shocked! But then again, they also said it's all in the contract! Hmph!


So did you pay the compensation money of 10k?


Hi so did you pay them up?


As much as I didn't want to, I did.. But managed to argue with her and only paid 6k.. But it's still money... When I called MOM, apparently, there are complaints about her company... I just don't understand why they are not acting on it..


Did you receive a lawyer letter or you paid because the matter was brought to MOM attention? Because there's no way I'm paying her any cents.


I paid cause the matter was brought to MOM by her. Eventhough, my arguement was that she was a manace and being merely impossible and forced me to leave. I also mentioned that this is her fast money scheme and trap people with her contract. Still, MOM said her contract is valid. After the case, I called up again. The officer said her company had several complainants but it seemed that they are not doing anything.


Hi All,

Last 2 weeks ago I did post my resume with this search agent "Indeed" not long I received text message whether I can come for interview at 6pm. I replied back anxiously yes I able to come for the interview, I asked her please provide me the address. She reply with the address 08-08 Shenton House without giving me the company name. So I goggle the address and it belong to the company name Maple Energy & trading Pte Ltd. I reached the place early around 5.25pm and when I step in I saw one teenager boy asking me "interview ?" and I said yes and he gave me the form to fill up. while I am writing the form I heard ladies voice scolding the boy like nobody business. Once I am thru with the form I gave to him.Long hair tall lady come out and ask me to come in to her room and asking me all the stupid questions. She asked why I only can start in May 2015. I told her that it is because by current company is closing down end April and I need to do lots of work to clear and to courier out all document to Holland. She said why need one month to clear all my work and I told her that I been working with the company more than 10 years and lots of things that need to clear with the banks and the documents. Honestly I did not understand her talking she she mumbling all the time and I keep on asked her to repeat her questions again. She not happy and gave me stern look and with angry tone she said OK! u can go now. I think she have mental & attitude problem. Her office like storeroom full of things and messy.

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hi andre yana, im the part timer working there now. are u coming tomorrow? reading all these makes me scared also


Nope. I am not working there anymore.

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Fyi Everyone, ive work there for 1.5days and i face the same thing and she demanded me for 10k compensation... Ive made a police report towards her and the company for cheating and ill treated employee... I was advice by the police officer to get those victim to make report , with more witnesses ; ie with more reports, only then can the police take action.. Come on people, lets complain and stop all this...


I already make a report! Advise to all... Also those who already paid the compensation, go and make police report!!! The more report police get, they will take action faster


I already make report against her and the company. Pls go ppl together all make the police report so the police will take action faster aftr compiling more police reports from we ppl.. As far as im concerned only 2 people make police report.. Come on, we need more report so there will be no more victim afer us...


hi plz am on the row now plz feel free chat in facebook pushparaj boobalan need some hands help to support me

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Hi, are you still working there?


Hi, are you still working there? I need to ask you some questions.


Is anyone working there now? I am suppose to start work tomorrow. I am worried. I desperately need a job. Does anyone have the copy of the contract?


Hi Everyone....Thank you for this wonderful blog. I nearly became another victim. This morning I attend my job interview at F1F. She called me yesterday and insisted I come for interview at 5pm. Told her I can come on Tue but she said tomorrow as she is very busy.

Came for interview at 11am and was greeted by a teenager boy. Give me an application form and was applaud to see the application form was copied on a recycled paper. Never in my 10 yrs as a HR personal company print application form on recycle paper. While waiting, I googled the company and thank God I found this blog. Waiting for 1hr and she did not come. The boy kept saying 5mins a few times. Another candidate already grew restless.

I managed to read all the comments here before I decided to run away. This is the 1st time I run away from a job interview...

The office really look like a store room. A small table for u to write ur application form. I left the office at 12.20 coz she have not arrived and my interview is at 11am.


Glad to have found this blog. I was there this morning at 10 am. Another lady was there same time as mine (sounds familiar?) !! I had to go downstairs and have coffee first. Filled out the application form printed on scrap paper (sounds familiar too). Did not introduce herself nor offer a handshake. Immediately went straight to questioning. 15 mins into the interview I sensed that she is not the boss I would want to work for. I just went through the motion of the interview and at some stage also made her pissed with my answer. She told me to call her back after 3 pm to know if I get the job or not. Guess what??? I am not going to call. I will also not accept the offer if given to me, especially after seeing this blog. Thank goodness. I hope the authority will take drastic action against her and the company. BTW, I was there for the Office Manager's post


Hi Brotherrock...I too went interview for the Office Manager post. I did not managed to meet up with this evil person. I was quite pissed when my interview was at 11am and till 12.20 she have not arrived in office.

There is a Chinese man interviewing for the Logistic Manager position together with me. I hope he did not accept the job.

Guys please note that currently she is looking for Office Manager and Logistic Manager. Please Do Not waste your time going for this interview.


Thanks all for the info.
I had exactly d same experience at Shenton House. Teenage boy. Application form. Rude lady. Supposed to come next week.
Felt very uneasy n now all ur comments confirm it.
thank you to all of u. Scare me!


Hi is this blog still alive? Its important to keep this live. Has police report n mom report been done? Perhaps IRAS and ACRA need to know too. PIC claims - are they genuine? Was it due to her need to make PUC claims that she hire n fire? Is there money laudering? How can she be approved as a director by ACRA?


Hopefull you have not sign the Letter Of Appointment. I heard from my friend that it generally sided with the evil woman company. She read it carefully and decided not to sign it. My friend went for interview yesterday. When she told me about it, I told her I too went for the interview. We should start to do something to prevent this evil woman from cheating more people...


Thank you! No, i jus filled in an application form. Jus felt i wasted my time there cos when i asked her for name of company, she snapped and said Shenton House #08-08. Refused company name. Now i know why cos people can read these. And she herself must have read as well.


Today, I got called up by Shalini herself- presumably; because caller shocked me with her rudeness- for the post of PA. I did not manage to get any names actually but I googled the phone no she called me from and found THIS BLOG. Wow. The extensive list of offended people here is just atrocious! I was hopping mad with the way she talked to me but having read this blog, I must say that I'm no longer mad because, HEY, she is a crazy monkey afterall. Probably someone with no love shared.


Fortunately I found this blog otherwise become another victim. I got called yesterday for interview and went smooth everything except given me an application form on recycle paper (?). Asking me to join her on Monday 22 June but no name nor name card provide to me except leaflet. Try to send her email address base on the leaflet but is not valid email address. ACRA shows that co overdue in filing AGM, Accounts. Need to broad cast to advise people who needs job


I think the police and mom need more concrete evidence! Maybe people that's still working inside there can take a video of her! Just don't sign the contract will do, because she will personally make you walk out on her and ask for a compensation!!


Thank you for the blog info...I almost go for the interview.


I am the latest victim....I am utterly shocked.


Hi, I just got a call from her. As I was working, I told her to hold on the line please while I step out from office. And when I got back on the line, I just ask nicely which company she was calling from, and she snapped at me. Told me my attitude is bad and don’t think she wants to hire me. I googled the number she has called me from and I got to this blog. Are we talking about the same Company and same lady boss here?


Hi is there anyone that did not give a single cents for the compensation ?


Hi All

Please take note that she put up a job adv over the job bank for PA and Admin.


Anyone still working there?


You people are not seriously calling yourself "victims" for not getting a job, are you?


Even if we don't get the job at her place, the way she treat all candidates are horrible. Its seem she like to bully the candidates. Yes, we are her victims.

I went for interview. I was given a recycle paper as an application form, was made to wait for 1hr for her to come of which after I left she still was not in the office and was scolded when ask the name of the company.

I was treated like a begger so yes I was a victim and so were those who attended her interview.


And if you ask us whether we are victims for not getting the job - either ur are to bitch herself or the bitch relatives..


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