~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

一 百 万 种 亲 吻 (One Million Kind of Kisses)

One Million Kind of Kisses

青 春 奋 不 顾 身 成 熟 理 性 评 分 
qīng chūn fèn bú gù shēn chéng shu lǐ xìng píng fēn 
Youthful and daring, mature and rational in making decision
长 大 後 人 遗 失 单 纯
zhǎng dà hòu rén yí shī dān chún
Losing innocence after growing up
追 寻 你 而 启 程 奉 献 美 丽 人 生
zhuī xún nǐ ér qǐ chéng, fèng xiàn měi lì rén shēng 
I take off to chase after you, offering my wonderful life
 为 你 我 不 觉 得 牺 牲
wéi nǐ wǒ bù jué dé xī shēng
For you it doesn't feel like a sacrifice
 初 恋 伤 痕
chū liàn shāng hén 
Scars from first love
 多 深 我 就 多 认 真
duō shēn wǒ jiù duō rèn zhēn
The deeper they are, the more devoted I am
勇 敢 爱 也 能 勇 敢 恨 
yóng gǎn ài yě néng yóng gǎn hèn
I will love and hate without holding back
勇 敢 承 认 是 我 忍 不 住 沉 沦
 yóng gǎn chéng rèn shì wǒ rěn bú zhù chén lún
I will admit without fear, it's me who couldn't help but succumb
是 你 让 爱 情 再 一 次 重 获 新 生
shì nǐ ràng ài qíng zài yí cì zhòng huò xīn shēng
It's you who let love be reborn again

一 百 万 种 亲 吻 比 不 上 你 一 吻
yì bǎi wàn zhǒng qīn wěn bǐ bú shàng nǐ yì wěn
A million kind of kisses, can't compare to your one kiss
  味 道 是 诚 恳 是 责 任 是 种 永 恒
wèi dào shì chéng kěn shì zé rèn shì zhǒng yǒng héng
It tastes sincere, and entrusting - like eternity
一 百 万 种 亲 吻 比 不 上 你 虔 诚
yì bǎi wàn zhǒng qīn wěn bǐ bú shàng nǐ qián chéng
A million kind of kisses, can't compare to your devotion
是 真 爱 钥 匙 开 启 了 最 幸 福 的 我 们
shì zhēn ài yào shi kāi qǐ le zuì xìng fú de wǒ men
It's the key to true love, opening the door to our happiness

一 百 万 种 亲 吻 唯 有 你 的 一 吻
yì bǎi wàn zhǒng qīn wěn wéi yǒu nǐ de yì wěn
A million kind of kisses, only your kiss
安 抚 我 心 疼 我 失 温 让 我 安 稳
ān fǔ wǒ xīn téng wǒ shī wēn ràng wǒ ān wěn
can comfort my heartache, my lost of warmth and let me feel secure
一 百 万 种 亲 吻 来 自 你 的 灵 魂
yì bǎi wàn zhǒng qīn wěn lái zì nǐ de líng hún
A million kind of kisses, come from your soul
所 以 我 执 着 我 认 真 我 爱 着 你
suó yǐ wǒ zhí zhuó wǒ rèn zhēn wǒ ài zhe nǐ
So I preserve, I put in my whole heart in loving you
所 以 我 执 着 我 认 真 
suó yǐ wǒ zhí zhuó wǒ rèn zhēn 
So I preserve, I put in my whole heart
我 爱 得 比 谁 深
wǒ ài dé bǐ shuí shēn
I love more deeply than anyone else

Why some people hate everyone

This is an article from The Straits Times' Mind Your Body 15 March 2012.
Thought it's lovely and everyone should read this.

by Gary Hayden (gary@garyhayden.co.uk)

One of my all-time favorite thinkers is Greek philosopher Heraclitus (535-475 BC). Not so much because of his ideas --though he had some very profound ones-- but rather because he was so deliciously eccentric.
He was the archetypal grumpy old man.
He lived in a state of permanent irritation at the stupidity and corruptness of his fellow citizens.
So much that eventually, he went into the mountains to lead a solitary life surviving on a diet of grass and plants.
Unfortunately, this back-to-nature lifestyle did not agree with him. He ended up suffering from dropsy, an abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin.
He returned to the city and consulted some doctors, but they were unable to help him. This was hardly surprising as he explained his symptoms to them in the form of a riddle.
The upshot was that he tried to treat himself by lying in a stable and covering himself with cow dung. Whereupon, he died.
It was a sad and ironic end for a man whose philosophical theories stressed the need for people to live together in a social harmony.

Heraclitus is a textbook example of a misanthrope, a person who dislikes or distrusts other people or mankind in general. He is, of course, an extreme example.
There are few people in the everyday world whose dislike of others leads them to shun society, life off grass and cover themselves with manure. But nonetheless, there is no shortage of misanthropes, of a milder variety, out there.
Some time ago, I met a woman in a cafe who used to be in the same class as I was at school. I began to reminisce about some of our old schoolmates and said how lovely it would be to see them again. "I wouldn't want to see any of them," she repilied. "I hated everyone at school."
Here is another example. I spoke to a man in England recently who told me that he was suffering from high blood pressure and that the doctors could not identify the cause. "I know what it is, though," he said. "I sit at home and I get to thinking about the state of the world. It makes me angry and I brood and brood. That's what's causing it all."
Of course, it is not the world itself that he is angry with. It is the people who live in it.
He has become disillusioned and disappointed with mankind in general.

What makes people misanthropic?
People are complex creatures. So doubtless there are many and varied reasons why people grow to dislike and distrust others.
But one interesting and plausible explanation of the misanthropic temperament comes from the Greek philosopher Plato, who came a hundred years or so after Heraclitus.
He said: "Misanthropy develops when without art (that is, naively) one puts complete trust in somebody thinking the man absolutely true and sound and reliable, and then a little later discovers him to be bad and unreliable... and when it happens to someone often... he ends up... hating everyone."
In other words, the misanthrope falls victim to his own unrealistic expectations about how other people can be expected to behave.
Most of us realize that other people are sometimes selfish, lazy, unkind, shallow, stupid, and ungrateful. Even the best of them are sure to disappoint us from time to time. Just as we disappoint them from time to time.
Being realists, we accept this and try not to get too worked up about it. Not so, the misanthrope.
His naivety, or misplaced optimism, or whatever it is, sets him up for disappointment after disappointment and lead eventually to bitterness and disillusionment. The misanthrope would be wiser to expect a little less from others.
Sure, people do not always behave as they ought to. And some people behave very badly indeed. But we ought to have some respect for human frailty and remember that most men and women are neither terribly good nor terribly bad.
The Dutch philosopher, Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), showed marvelous good sense when he urged: "Do not weep; do not wax indignant. Understand."

Chair consistency

"That is my spot, in an ever-changing world, it is a single point of consistency. If my life were expressed as a function on a four dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, that spot, from the moment I first sat on it, would be 0-0-0-0."
- Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory

The Irony of Fate

It's all began when me and my bf talked about movie industry. Then we talk about movie industry in our countries. Then we decided to show each other's the best movie from our country.
This too, in a way, our irony of fate. When you're together with someone from a different culture, sooner or latter you will have that kind of cultural exchange, belief me. And it's fun --you get to see things you otherwise won't ever see.

But since he doesn't think that there's many good movies from where he was born in, he showed me a movie from the culture he spent most of his time instead. He showed me a 1975 made in Soviet Union (yup, way before the Russia Federation formed) called The Irony of Fate (or Enjoy Your Bath!).

At first I was skeptical. What do you expect from a movie made 40 years ago, in a language you don't understand? I was also told that the movie is 3 hours long! I gave it a shot anyway. Mainly because I already tortured him with an Indonesian movie, Ada Apa dengan Cinta.

The movie was in two parts, and by the middle of the first half, I was hooked! The main guy in the movie is not handsome, but is pleasant to look at. The main actress is very elegant, and they both have such chemistry on screen. I wonder if either of them still act today.. The movie itself is slow without being boring, and funny, without much exaggeration that is commonly found in modern movies. Whatever happen to easygoing movies, that just tells life as it is? (Michael Bay, I'm looking at you).
And I certainly love Russian language. I never knew that "Attention! Attention!" in Russian sounds so cute!

I really recommend people to watch this. Slip back to an era where movies is about heartwarming stories.
For those of you who are curious, with all the wonder of YouTube, the movie is available there.