~Audi alteram partem~

You know your part of the story. Now hear the other side.
Cos everyone just want to be heard

The problem with people today is, we try to make everything easier and simpler.
Thus we make them less special.
For me, the greatest mystery in life is not whatever happened to Amelia Earheart. Or who built the Sphinx.
Or how did Alexander the Great die.

But, why did you leave?


An unfinished story is a lot more annoying than an unhappy ending.

Life on Mars?

Mars/Earth Enigma
Alright... So I'm reading this book called Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind by DeAnna Emerson.
And there's this paragraph in this book, describing the relic of face on mars: "...the strange humanoid face with a tear in one eye,..." Guess what picture comes to my mind? [Hint: see picture on you right hand side] Okay, for Echelon, you definitely know whose mask this is (in a way, it's ours! *lol*). For those who don't understand, it's a 'trademark' mask of 30 Seconds to Mars.
Gosh, there really is more than meets the eyes with this band.
I knew the story behind their name is truly got something to do with Mars (beside the philosophy, that is), but about the mask....that's a new revelation.

There is another surprise regarding the topic.
I just got to know that there IS indeed a mention about life on other planets ON THE BIBLE. Yes, in the Christian Bible.
That's like, shattering all the beliefs I've ever had all this while. I mean, since I was young I've been taught "There is no such things like ET or whatever out here in the universe. The only life is here, on earth. No other planets. The Bible stated so. *the sentences go on...*)"
But wait, wait, wait, "the research" is not done yet. It could be some problem with the Bible translation *suspicious look* Will inform you more about that later, so PLEASE, don't draw conclusions just yet.

It's already so baffling, and I haven't even finished half of the book! I'm looking forward to be further "enlightened" by it :D
Soudtrack of the day: Feng by Jay Zhou

Horoscope for today:
You need to make some more room in your life for just goofing off! Why not give yourself permission to follow your mood every once in a while? Daydreaming never hurt anyone, and it certainly won't slow you down long enough today to hold you back from making progress. It's not a waste of time to imagine what life would be like if things were different -- it's a good way to stay creative! You need to make sure that you have at least a couple hours of free time, today.

Yeah, been thinking what my life would be if things were different.

Would it be better? Would it be more beautiful? Would it be less?
Would it be perfect instead?
Would I still be like who I am today?

Been wishing that it was different. Feeling that it would all be perfectly beautiful if my life was some other people's. But, as always, I got home. Look around, and realized that my life is still mine after all...

But hey, then again, that's just once-in-a-while feeling. Looking at brighter side, I thank God for what I have. I wouldn't trade it for anyone's life. For all that I've been through, has made me who I am today.
There are Five levels in this survey.

Level 1 : Not difficult
~ What are you wearing now?
- dark blue pajamas
~What's beside you?
- my brother's bike
~What are you doing now?
- answering this survey, duh..
~Where are your siblings?
- out there somewhere
~Are you okay?
- not really, I'm a bit tired.

Level 2 : Kinda difficult.
~What do you wish you had now?
- money, lots of it (okay, now, I'm not as materialistic as it sounds..)
~Have you told someone you loved them?
- of course.
~Last time you shouted.
- this morning :D
Do you like/love anyone right now?
-like? for sure. I like all my friends. love? what kind are you talking about?
What are you wondering/thinking about now?
- gosh, a lot!

Level 3 : Getting personal
~Have you ever thought you were gay?
- haha..sometimes.
~Have you ever wanted to tell someone how you really love him/her?
- yup
~Have you regretted loving someone?
- yes, still do.
~Would you kiss your ex-crush?
- on cheek, why not?
~Have you loved someone, but he/she doesn't know?
- yes, I have.

Level 4 : Get ready to spill your secrets.
~Have someone asked you to be her/his gf/bf but you rejected him/her and felt guilty?
- yes
~When was the last time a boy said ' i love you ' to you? ( family doesnt count )
- that exact word? I don't know, like, 5 years ago?
~When you hear a love/slow song, who comes into your mind?
- "gosh, the lyrics are so mushy!"
~Have you broke someone's heart?
- yes, I guess so... (so sorry, boy)
~Have you regret letting someone go?
- yes, so badly yes.

Level 5 : ( last level ) Random.
~Would you kiss someone 3 years from now?
- hmm why not?
~Do you think someone loves you? ( opposite gender )
- *shrug*
~Where is the best place to flirt?
- ahaha.. school??
~Would you date someone because you like his/her looks?
- ONLY because of his look? nope.
~Would you date someone who is not hot/cute but he really loves you?
- yes, totally.
Soundtrack: Bop Bop Baby by Westlife

The only thing that you ever gave me, you give to somebody else...

14 Oct 2008

The Bottom Line
Disengage from people who exhibit childlike behavior. They will only slow you down.

In Detail
Trying to figure out what is motivating other people is a waste of your time, so if you have been wringing your hands over a mysterious situation, stop. If someone isn't going to tell you what you need to know, they aren't going to tell you --no matter how long you wait or how many hoops you jump through. Move on today, and disengage from such childlike behavior. They have been having too much fun stringing you along, and you're no puppet. Too bad for them.

Does everything have its ad nauseam?

ad nau·se·am (d nôz-m)
To a disgusting or ridiculous degree; to the point of nausea.
[Latin ad, to + nauseam, accusative of nausea, sickness.]
[Look in Google]

No matter what we do, no matter what we have, no matter good or bad, we'll get sick of it at some point.
In friendship, we get bored with each other, that's why we stop talking to or contacting each other.
Even couples divorce cos they sick of each other. Maybe they don't admit it, maybe they don't even realize it, but that could be the fact.
(Don't even make me start writing about family...)
That's could also be the reason we take things for granted.


"Yes I am, but I'd like to keep it that way. Now, leave me alone!"
Soundtrack of the day: Fighter by Christina Aguilera

Thank you for not believing in me; you make me learn to believe in myself...
"After all you've put me through, you'd think I despise you.
But in the end, I wanna thank you.
Cos you make me damn much stronger."

cinta dan matematika (hrs ngitung soalnya)

Silahkan main jg klo mau...

[x]pengen ketemu dia
[ ]mikirin kalo lagi ga ngapa2in
[x]selalu mikirin dy meski ad kerjaan
[x]senyum2 sendiri kalo lg mikirin dy
[ ]deg2an kalo ngbayangin wajahnya
so far: 3

[x]pengen dy sms kamu duluan
[x]pengen sms dy
[x]pengen dy nyapa kamu
[x]pengen ngobrol sm dy
[x]kdg pgn b2an
so far: 8

[ ]salting di depan dy
[ ]deg2an kalo dy ad d dkt kmu
[x]mencari keberadaannya
[x]spontan liat ke arah dy terus
so far: 11

[ ]berusaha buat ngbikin dy seneng
[x]cemburu liat dy ama cewe/ cowo lain
[ ]kl dtanya syp yg dsuka lgsg kpikiran dy
[x]nungguin sms dy
[x]pgn ksi sesuatu buat dy
so far: 14

[x]pgn meluk dy
[ ]pgn dy blg cinta
[ ]pgn dy menunjukkan rs cintanya
[ ]perna ngbayangin dicium dy
[ ]pgn milikin dy
so far: 15

nah skrg hasilna dkali 4...
15 × 4 = 60%
yah... "cinta" 60% doang.. haha..
"mỗi khi bên bạn không có ai.... thì hãy nhìn lên bầu trời đầy sao hay ánh nắng........ có thể là ở 1 nơi xa kia cũng đang có 1 người chia sẻ với bạn......"
*Quoted from someone's profile

"each side when you do not have one . please look up the skies full of stars or the sun .
may be in one place far there is one to share with you"

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